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Jagoda Dworniczak

Jagoda Dworniczak

Technical Writer & Tech CS Specialist at Voucherify, based in Katowice, Poland


Technical Writer supporting developers and the marketing team. Looks after project documentation and blog. After hours, a pharmacist, rock climber, and mountain lover.


Jagoda has started working in 2017 at Voucherify as a technical writer, contributing to Voucherify documentation and occasionally writing step-by-step tutorials and blog posts about promotion management. She is a real specialist when it comes to Voucherify features. Currently, she is Voucherify’s lead Technical Writer and Tech Customer Specialist giving technical advice and support to our clients. 

Jagoda, before joining Voucherify, obtained an MA in Pharmacy and continues to work part-time as a Pharmacist and Pharmacology lecturer.


Post-graduate Frontend developer with Angular

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