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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
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Bring Magento Promotions to the Next Level with Voucherify
Jagoda Dworniczak
Jagoda Dworniczak
October 27, 2017
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Bring Magento Promotions to the Next Level with Voucherify

In the following text, you’ll learn how to extend the Magento coupon system with Voucherify to build a complex and cost-effective promotion engine. A dedicated coupon platform like Voucherify increases marketing flexibility and brings a data-driven approach to promotion management. Before you invest in another portion of not always compatible Magento coupon extensions, read on and see how to build a sane and predictable coupon and discount management system more quickly.

New Promotion Types

Next to the universal types of promotion offered by Magento (amount, percentage, and unit discounts) you can extend your strategy with referral programs and gift cards. The dashboard enables you to create multiple discount coupons, gift cards, and referral programs at the same time and you can control all of them with ease thanks to the Campaign Manager. Each coupon and gift card belongs to a particular campaign giving you an overview of available promotions and a clear comparison of the current conversions.

More Promotion Rules

The rules engine is a key part of every coupon system. Its flexibility decides whether you’ll be able to cover specific customers’ needs and eventually meet your sales goals. In contrast to some of the Magento discount extensions, Voucherify goes far beyond a standard set of rules; Voucherify’s promotion engine helps you on 2 levels:

  • Personalized promotions - based on spending habits or available custom data (e.g. currency, timezone, gender, size, etc.)
  • Reduced number of coupon misuses - thanks to specific, hard to guess coupon codes and strict redemption limits

Here are a couple of real-life examples of promotion rules available in Voucherify:

  • Upselling and cross-selling based on a product catalog.
  • Exclusive discounts and gift cards for the most loyal clients, delivered straight to their mailboxes.
  • Event-based campaigns of short duration time create a sense of urgency and leverage each upcoming occasion for growth, e.g. Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc.
  • Generation of specific and random Magento coupons to estimate influencers, instagramers or affiliates effectiveness and additionally build brand awareness amongst their audiences.
  • Flash-sales with short-time discounts to drive customers into spending mood and drive conversions.
  • Coupon codes for abandoned carts to cut hesitation and reduce the number of unfinished orders.
  • Contests with coupons on your social profiles, blog or brick and mortar stores which reward winners with a discount or free product.
  • Specific Magento promotions with custom attributes, e.g. 3 days with brand X for newsletter subscribers, free entrance after 9pm for seniors, etc.

Similarly to Magento shopping cart discount, you can launch discounts for specific products but additionally, you can also include them in your referral programs and gift card campaigns.

Creating Rules form Scratch

The source of such high flexibility in rules building lies in custom metadata property. Contrary to Magento promotion rules, in cases when you'd like to add attributes and create rules which aren’t listed by default, you can include custom properties and values into your validation process by using special filters.

Improved Personalization

Magento Customer Specific Coupons allow for promotions dedicated to individual customers. But firstly, this tactic requires a great deal of knowledge about order history and spending habits. Secondly, when assigning coupons to individual clients, you often find another one who is worth your special care, this approach cannot scale in the long run. This is why in Voucherify, we enable you to not only assign a coupon to a particular customer/group of customers but also build personalized distribution of coupons/ gift cards based directly on events and custom attributes assigned to the customer.

How it works – event-based coupon

The main goal of personalization is instant answers to customer’s interactions with a brand. Straight from the Voucherify dashboard, you can send tailored messages which are automatically delivered based on event-type:

  • Customer made an order.
  • Customer cancelled an order.
  • Customer updated an order.
  • Customer paid. 
  • Customer entered the segment.

Segments are built by defining custom criteria and coupon rules, e.g.:

  • Email ends with .uk.
  • Country is France.
  • Gender is not female.
  • Order contains MacBookAir.
  • Creation date starts with 01.02.

Customers who match the criteria enter the segment and get the message automatically.

Appropriate segmentation is crucial to tailor your coupon strategy to the target audience. Your campaigns become more personalized and as a result, you can engage your consumers more effectively. In Voucherify, customers are grouped based on standard attributes and custom properties called metadata.

Custom Attributes

By way of example, let’s assign an individual discount to each customer who submits a complaint. Instead of searching your database for a particular client and creating separate message each time, you can easily create a “complaint list” segment in Voucherify (this requires integration with your complaint management system). Then, every time you decide to respond with a discount, all you need to do is add a customer to the segment (either manually or automatically). A tailored message enhanced with personal details and a dedicated coupon code is sent automatically.

Metadata can be named from any custom attributes you wish (age, size, gender, etc.) and you can then use these properties to segment your audience, create discount rules, and filter out customers in your database at any time.

Omnichannel Distribution

Voucherify provides direct coupon distribution to build a truly omni-channel customer experience. Thanks to this, your customer decides the way the coupon is delivered (email, SMS, post office, in-store) and the way it’s redeemed, i.e. via mobile app, SMS code or email message. Keeping in mind mobile technologies and the omni-channel approach significantly increases coupons usability.

Power of Integrations

Magento store integrated with Voucherify can use batches of free integrations to connect external infrastructures into one fluent marketing system.

Adjusting Magento

In case of any unexpected changes, you need to react before your downtime reaches your customers and affects your performance:

  • In Voucherify, you can deactivate every campaign or coupon at any time and bring it back when you need it. This also allows you to revert to an already made redemption in case of a mistake or detected fraud.
  • Without buying any additional plugin, you can import or export coupons from external sources to your Voucherify account.
  • Keeping in mind global-scale businesses, the app automatically fits displayed coupons data in the appropriate currency and counts promotion time accordingly to a customer’s time zone.
  • Voucherify allows you to keep the coupon system in one place and organize internal team structures.

Developer-friendly API

Thanks to the fact that Voucherify is, first and foremost, a developer-friendly API platform, only a little effort is required to bring your marketing team independence and build a cost-effective promotion system. No matter if you just starting with Magento coupons or simply improving your existing coupon infrastructure, developer-friendliness means scheduled goals are achieved faster and cheaper, with seamless workflow across marketers and developers on top of that. Voucherify provides your developers with comprehensive documentation, illustrative examples, and the full support of our experienced team of programmers.

One Coupon Engine

Voucherify enables you to manage your coupons in many Magento stores or other marketplaces on a wholesale basis. By creating separate projects, you can build one consistent promotion system which manages Magento coupons and discounts assigned to different brands, countries, stores or partners. The dashboard monitors collaboration results and presents the ongoing performance with full metrics and stats. Team structure is flexible enough to control data access on every level - you can assign different rights to your team members, third parties, and finally, points of sales.

Track Magento Coupons

The dashboard continually presents your results in charts and metrics. You can run A/B testing with ongoing performance tracking and get vital clues to improve your coupon system. Next, in the general overview, each customer and redemption is noted in the dashboard in a separate profile and supplied with a unique ID. Redemption details are assigned to a particular customer, coupon code, date, and time. Likewise, the detailed customer profile displays an entire history of events to enable you to accurately analyze customer behavior and adjust segmentation accordingly.


No matter how many brands, stores or affiliates you need to supply with Magento coupons, you can cover these needs from one place (the dashboard). Voucherify brings another level of personalization to your promotion system and allows you to integrate not only Magento accounts but also your external infrastructure such as CRM, BI tools, etc. Because every business is unique, Voucherify provides a high degree of flexibility of rules engine, reflected in the level of coupon personalization and constant efficiency in parallel to the growth.


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