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December 2019 Newsletter

See all the new improvements that we've implemented this December!

December has been a busy preparation time for the upcoming holiday season. Brand new design and flow of discount codes and gift card campaigns and tightened security checks for landing pages are just a part of several upgrades we've recently introduced.

Christmas/December Voucherify Product Update

Free recurring webinars

We’ve decided to set up free, recurring webinars to save your time and answer your questions as quickly as possible. If at any point you fell off the Voucherify wagon, now it’s a great time to come back with an improved understanding of the platform to leverage promotional marketing in your business. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about new features. Just find the time that suits you best and book your seat for free here.

Free voucherify webinars
Make sure to book your seat!

Anti-fraud options for your landing pages

In the case of visitors trying to game the system to receive multiple codes from your Voucherify landing pages, we've prepared a set of anti-fraud safety checks:

  • The double opt-in feature that verifies your visitors by sending them a confirmation email.
  • Automatic block of email aliases that prevents customers from receiving multiple codes for signing up via forwarding email addresses.
  • Visitors can now only use unique email addresses, and any duplicates are instantaneously blocked from signing up.
  • Prevention of mixed case characters' email addresses from receiving your codes if they were duplicates.
Anti-fraud landing pages option

Improved design and workflow of discount codes and gift cards campaign

In October, we revamped the flow of cart-level promotions; this time, we remodelled the look of the discount coupons and gift card creators. Improved UI, transparent layout, tooltips to help you along the way, and smoother flow are all designed with your convenience in mind. Try launching a new campaign to see it in action!

New flow of coupon/gift card campaigns

The fresh look of validation rules builder and brand-new validation rule

Similarly to discount and gift card campaigns, the validation rules section got a new fancy look. We've added something extra to the package by adding validation rule 'Redemptions count per API key' that can significantly facilitate your cooperation with affiliates and merchants by imposing an upper limit of redemptions allowed per particular API key.

Clone campaign

If you launch many campaigns or recurring programs, this new feature will delight you. Now, you can clone a campaign to release a brand new program (under a different name) with the same or similar workflow. This option will also shorten the campaign design time if you use the same complex validation rules or metadata in many of your Voucherify endeavours.

Clone Campaign

Custom error messaging

If you find it hard to make sense of the API responses, we have a treat for you. Now, you can attach custom error messages to all failed validation or redemption requests that do not meet the criteria of specific validation rules. You can display these messages directly to your end-customers to improve the understanding of your campaign eligibility rules.

Custom errors

New AWS Cluster for Singapore

Voucherify API is now available from Singaporean AWS cluster which will greatly improve response time and overall latency if you’re an Asia based business. Just select “Asia” as your region while creating a new project and enjoy the lighting-fast API.

AWS Singapore cluster now available in Voucherify

Voucherify <> Moltin webinar and partnership

Recently, Tomasz Pindel, Voucherify CEO, and Adam Sturrock, co-founder of Moltin, organized a free webinar to celebrate the Voucherify <> Moltin partnership. If you missed it, feel free to watch it here to learn more about the best strategies for running promotions for e-commerce.

What about the Voucherify <> Moltin partnership?

The two services are fully integrated, which means that redeeming Voucherify promotions via Moltin will be a piece of cake. You can also quickly transfer data from Moltin into Voucherify to release super-personalized promo scenarios tailored to your Moltin customer base. Go here to learn more.

Do you have an idea for a new feature or improvement? Let us know by dropping us a message.

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