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September 26, 2017

Discount widget, sandbox, new SDKs and more - April newsletter

Mike Sędzielewski
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A new improvements pack has landed.


Now you can plugin vouchers to your site even faster. Check out this: 


We’ve enhanced voucherify.js with a widget that validates vouchers and shows the discount to the customer. It’s pretty extensive tweaking capabilities and if that’s not enough keep in mind it’s open source and you can use it completely your way.  

We know that checkout’s rendering time is crucial user experience factor that’s why we added voucherify.js to JSDelivr CDN.  


Ruby gem is out there. Apart from improving Java, Node.js, PHP and Android librarieswe’re now working on .NET and iOS. We should announce them in May. 


Our API evolves in response to your requests. Recently we have added:

Came up with features request? Let us know support@voucherify.io or our slack channel


All standalone vouchers have been grouped in a dedicated view. Furthermore the newly created campaigns and standalone vouchers are listed first.  


Thanks to sandbox you can run integration tests of your software without affecting real campaigns and without worrying about the monthly redemptions limit.


Many of you asked for the unlimited redemptions plan. We provide it for €149/month. If you’re interested in something between 1000 and infinity, let’s connect and we’ll agree on a reasonable fee.  

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