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The secret to successful personalization - promotion marketing

November 13, 2018

How to make personalized promotions: data analysis, segmentation, creating 360 customer profile, behavioural promotions. A/B testing role in personalization.

The secret to successful personalization - promotion marketing

Today, a great majority of consumers are looking for personalized deals but less than 25% get what they want. 
Join the light side of the force and give your customers exactly what they crave - highly personalized experience.

Endow them with gifts, reward loyalty, offer discounts on favourite products and make them feel the luxury of your online and offline promotions.

Promotion marketing examples - coupons, referral programs, gift cards, discount promotions, loyalty programs

Run multi-channel promotions suited to generations of shoppers with different spending habits:

  • distribution of promo codes through many channels (e.g. emails, SMS, push notifications, banner, popup)
  • codes in 3 different formats (text, barcode, QR code)
  • marketing automatics ready to respond to customers interacting with your brand at every scale
  • promotion validation to prevent fraud and control your promo spend
Multiply the happiness of your customers with personalized incentives and gain their trust.

Personalization starts from the data

Voucherify supplies you with another portion of real-time data, statistics, and fine-grained metrics; without invasive tracking or bothering your visitors.

Voucherify Personalisaton

360 single customer profile

Get a complete picture of your customers. With 360 customer profile, you can see their individual preferences and their history. You can use any of their attributes to group your audience and target segments with customized offers.

Campaigns overview

Improve your promotions on the run. With Campaigns overview and dashboard stats you can see how your campaigns perform in no time. Capturing what’s catching on and where has never been so easy.

Redemptions data

Get a complete control over your promotions, and plenty of insights of what works best for your business. Redemptions list shows precisely who and when redeemed each of your promo codes. Data are ready to export with all their details straight from the dashboard.

Build custom real-time segments

We know that every business requires a different approach to group their customers. We also know that relevant segmentation is crucial to offering truly personalized offers at scale. Keeping that in mind, next to the extensive list of built-in filters, you can segment your customers using unique properties that you can add to Voucherify. Enjoy your marketing flexibility while building custom segments updated in real time.

All your inventory in the dashboard

Surprise your customers with discounts or credits on their favorite products. Voucherify supports deals based on cart structure, so you can generate numerous product or SKU-specific campaigns in minutes.

Behavioral promotion triggers

Schedule tailored promotions under specific conditions. With dynamic customer segments and product catalog in the dashboard, you can create gamified, multi-level promotions. Voucherify automatically reacts to abandoned carts, new orders, profile updates, and so on. Just choose specific events and create incentives, as a result, the personalized message is triggered instantly from the dashboard straight to your customer.

Get credible insights with A/B tests

A/B tests let you verify promotions in practice before you run them on a full-blown scale. You can test each parameter of every promotion and simply figure out what’s converting your customers best.

Build 1:1 relationships

Customers are willing to share their preferences and favorite products with you if you only ask. With Voucherify, you can turn their opinions into more relevant segmentation and ultimately, highly tailored offers. Personalized discount or gift card based on their individual expectations will be the best reward and incentive to keep in touch with your brand and share more data.


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