How Vodafone Portugal reduced time to market by using Voucherify?

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How Fitfox Decreased Coupon Creation Time by 90%?

Fitfox integrated with the Voucherify Promotional Engine to build personalized coupon, discount, referral, and loyalty campaigns faster on their platform.

How Fitfox Decreased Coupon Creation Time by 90%?

Hamburg, Germany – February 10, 2020 – Fitfox, an online platform offering pay-as-you-go passes for customers to visit gyms, yoga-studios and events such as marathons, reported that they have integrated Voucherify’s Promotion Engine into their system and its promotional functionalities are accessible to B2B clients from now.

This integration allows B2B clients to build personalized coupon, discount, referral, and loyalty campaigns faster on the platform. Creating fraud-proof coupons and generating free tickets (e.g. for runs) for their partners and sponsors is faster than ever. From now on, clients can run specific campaigns, promote new products, run multiple discount experiments to find the optimal promotional strategy and simultaneously and effortlessly track the marketing budget straight from the Voucherify dashboard.

With traditional promotional solutions, creating vouchers is often a slow and complicated process. These solutions have limited customization capabilities and do not let companies produce complex campaigns. On Fitfox’s platform, gyms, yoga-studios and event organizers are not limited anymore in their marketing activities. 

In order to reach a greater audience, Fitfox is planning to use all the functions of Voucherify. The company is developing a personalized referral campaign and considering launching its first data-driven loyalty program for sports fans. An in-cart promotion is also in plans, to allow discounts for group registrations for sports events.

Benefits to B2C clients:

  • A great variety of discount coupons.
  • Possibility to buy tickets in bulk.
  • Superb customer experience.

Benefits to B2B clients:

  • Increased brand loyalty.
  • Personalized promotion campaigns.
  • Control over marketing budget.
  • 90% faster voucher code generation.
  • Fraud-proof coupons.

Antoine Verger, Fitfox CTO:

“The flexible promotion-rule engine helped us produce complex promotions while we could still keep an eye on the marketing budget. From a technical point of view, I would highlight how easy it was for our developers to get into the API and how well documented the entire tooling is.”

To learn more about how Fitfox works, take a look at

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