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March newsletter: Email integration, referral programs upgrade, export API

January 17, 2020

This is our answer to your requests about email/SMS integration, referral programs workflows, and export capabilities.

March newsletter: Email integration, referral programs upgrade, export API


The MailChimp integration just got a new workflow. From now on, you can publish codes to any list using a custom merge field. Plus, you can use QR codes next to the text format. Additionally, there’s no need to authorize MailChimp each time, you only need to set it once in the integration settings. Learn more...


This one is a major step towards full email coupon marketing automation. There’s a new view called “Distributions” which allows for sending coupon codes via email and SMS in 2 ways. The first one enables you to send a direct email straight from the dashboard. The second lets you define an email workflow based on events, i.e. you can trigger an email when the customer joins a given segment.

So far there are 2 email and 2 SMS service providers supported:

  • Mandrill
  • SendGrid
  • Twilio
  • CM Telecom

Note: If you want to try beta, reply to this email or contact us using the live chat.


We have equipped referral programs with the reward scheme. This means that you can create different levels of rewards for segments meeting different criteria, e.g. if your customer attracts less than 5 customers, he/she gets a $50 coupon, when it exceeds 5, the reward rises to $100. On top of that, you can now choose if a reward is sent every time a referral code is redeemed or if the referrer has to meet additional criteria to get it.



There’s a new endpoint which enables you to programmatically download a CSV file with coupon and redemption details. It’s worth noting that the export functionality lets you define columns and filters to retrieve only what you’re really interested in. Learn how to export coupons with the API.

You can also download a CSV using the dashboard:


We store and display a history of events related to Vouchers, Campaigns, Redemptions, Customers, and Products. It can be especially useful for audits because it stores details about who did what and when.


The customer profile now displays the codes published to a particular customer.

We solved a number of UI bugs appearing on different browsers.


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