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September 27, 2017

November newsletter: new documentation, user management, new validation rules

Mike Sędzielewski
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Here’s what we have been up to recently - TLDR:

  • New documentation - common use cases, useful examples, refined reference
  • New validation rules - create discounts based on order volume
  • User management - invite your team members to collaborate
  • Auto-update campaigns - useful in case you publish vouchers and you want to ensure a sufficient number of codes
  • QR codes - now you can get QR images straight from Voucherify


We keep making Voucherify more and more developer friendly. A refreshed documentation is a next step forward. At docs.voucherify.io you’ll find a couple of new tutorials on: campaigns, distribution channels, e-commerce integration and monitoring. Don’t forget to visit Examples section where you can play around with the Postman collection, customer touchpoints applications and more.


Last time, we were writing about limiting your coupon campaigns to specific products. Now you can use the order amount parameter too. Learn how to build complex campaigns with multiple conditions including customer profiles, cart items and total amount with this tutorial.


From now on Team Members section lets you invite your colleagues to manage and monitor vouchers. Moreover, we’re happy to present the concept of Projects alongside. These features give you access to a flexible way to manage users and API keys and therefore to seamless collaboration between your IT and marketing team - see theguidelines.


Ever been worried that you run out of publishable codes for a campaign? Now you can avoid that by enabling Auto-update feature in the campaign wizard. This way every time you send a publish request while every campaign’s code is used, Voucherify will auto-extend it with a new, unique voucher matching the pattern.


Generating QR codes is now as easy as getting the voucher with the API. In a response’s body you’ll get the link to a png or svg of the QR code. The size is configurable too, learn more


We’d like to give you a heads-up on what we’re going to be busy with for the next 2 months:

User management improvements: roles and permissions, user activity tracking.Validation rules built on top of customer profiles e.g. if Alice used coupon A she cannot redeem coupon B etc.Webhooks - Voucherify will send an HTTP POST request to specified URL whenever something happens to your vouchers.Friend refer friends program - we’re going to introduce a nice API endpoint and UI wizard for creating referral programs. 

Think of a feature request? This is much appreciated, let’s us know!


We’ve blogged on how we use Postman: Postman really supercharges your APIhttp://www.slideshare.net/voucherifyio/voucherify 

will give you the overview of all recent Voucherify features

Our swag has arrived. Fancy a Voucherify cap? Drop us a line :)

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