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Personalised Christmas Cards With Unique Promo Codes

Every year, with the appearance of autumn, retailers feel the gust of approaching Christmas fever. It's the last call to schedule a winning strategy. With personalized Christmas cards with discount codes, you are sure to delight customers this holiday season.

Personalised Christmas Cards With Unique Promo Codes

According to research data, people are willing to spend more than ever on Christmas gifts. Needless to say, it’s hard work for brands chasing consumers with special offers at this busy time. In this post, we’re going to show you how these holiday promotions can be neatly wrapped into personalized Merry Christmas cards. But first, why are the cards so important in your strategy?

What’s under the tree

CreditDonkey asked Americans what gifts they’re about to buy this Christmas. For every ten consumers, seven plan to buy a gift card. It may seem like an easy way out of time-consuming searches for matching gifts, however; it's undoubtedly true that there’s more under the hood. Data shows us that it's not only a convenient choice for buyers but also a present desired by a great majority of receivers. 82% of survey subjects claim that gift cards are what they'd like to find beneath their Christmas tree.

Gift cards aren't the only way you can use a promotion toolkit to drive sales; what’s even more important is a spending mood that consumers can catch and keep with the holiday spirit.

Christmas is typically the largest economic stimulus for many nations around the world as sales increase dramatically in almost all retail areas.

Around Christmas time, customers are more willing to spend their money. Not only on gifts but also on their own needs and habits. This means they’re more susceptible to incentives which can be pushed out in front of them in special Christmas offers.

What if you could wrap all the incentives for your employees, business partners or end customers into personalized Christmas cards? Or use gift cards to endow them with incentives not only as receivers but also as buyers?

Let’s look at three examples of personalized “Merry Christmas” cards in an email message made using Voucherify. Each of them includes a unique, trackable incentive like a discount coupon, a gift card with predefined credits or a referral code. Unique codes are the key to seeing how your Christmas promotions perform and turn insights into action for future events.

What’s most important here is that we’ve designed the cards in such a way as to allow for endowing a receiver (our customer), giving us a chance for immediate new acquisitions. These messages make universal Christmas cards a powerful weapon for sales.

Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking

Example 1: Unique gift card for your employees and a discount for their friends.

Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking
Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking 2

Codes of both unique gift card and a discount for friends can be copied or scanned (QR code) from an email. Coupon history is stored in the Voucherify dashboard. You can see order details and customer data attached to every redemption that has ever occurred.

Example 2: A gift card for your partners and a referral code for referred companies. This is how B2B companies can implement our strategy.

Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking 3
Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking 4

Example 3: Exclusive discounts for your loyal customers and their friends to use in brick-and-mortar stores.

Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking 5
Christmas cards with individual customer codes for tracking 6


Every holiday opens up new opportunities for your growth. Besides well-targeted offers, keep in mind how you’re going to track your performance. Extreme traffic is not only about sales itself but also about learning about your audience. The more data you gather, the more insights for the future you will get.


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