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Voucherify<>Moltin webinar - key takeaways

Find out what Voucherify CEO and Moltin co-founder had to say about best strategies for successful promotions for e-commerce.

Voucherify <> Moltin webinar

A while ago, the CEO of Voucherify, Tomasz Pindel, and the co-founder of Moltin, Adam Sturrock, got together to discuss the key points of any successful e-commerce promotion strategy.

You can watch the full webinar here if you missed it.

What were the key takeaways from the webinar?

  • Customer retention is the top priority for many modern businesses, including Voucherify clients.

Now, more than ever, companies are willing to spare a lot of resources to make customers come back. Adobe is one such example with 30% of revenue coming from returning customers who represent only 8% of visitors. Voucherify supports a number of retention focused campaigns, such as point-based loyalty schemas, referral programs with loyalty points as rewards or highly personalised coupon offers

  • Setting proper redemption limits on codes is crucial.

Even if a business is aiming at generating traffic and attention by releasing attractive flash sales and public discount codes, some redemption limits are more than welcome. Without proper limits, a business can end up in a situation when it is losing money instead of earning it. Redemption count limit or expiry date can really mean a world of difference for promo budget and incentive profitability.

  • Inter-departmental communication is the key.

Launching promo campaigns is a multi-layered undertaking that requires open communication between marketing, engineering, support, management and even legal teams. Having some centralised point of communication is crucial in running outbound promo campaigns. 

  • Invest in software that allows for flexibility.

Flexible offers, rewards and ever-changing customer profiles and marketing team requirements shouldn’t affect the base code of your promotional infrastructure. Other features to look for is scalability and affordable maintenance.

What about Voucherify and Moltin partnership?

As Adam Sturrock said:

“Our partnership with Voucherify allows us to deliver the best in class promotions engine and give that to our customers.”

Voucherify will become fully integrated with Moltin functionality for e-commerce.

Go here to learn more about Voucherify<>Moltin partnership.

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