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What promo campaign should I choose? - QUIZ

January 17, 2020

Answer these quiz questions and see what promo campaign you should launch next!

What promo campaign should I choose? - A quiz

Are you sitting on the fence unsure whether to choose loyalty or referral campaign for your brand? Or perhaps discount or cart-level promotion will work better? Don’t worry, we’re here to put an end to all those sleepless nights and give you some clues on what your company needs most.

Do the quiz below to find out what incentives fit your business best.


[Quiz question 1] What is the biggest priority for your brand at the moment?

       A) Retaining customers.

       B) Acquiring new customers.

       C) Don’t know, maybe both?

[Quiz question 2] How much time and effort are you willing to put into a new promo campaign?

       A) A lot, I have a whole dev team just waiting for some action.

       B) Not too little and not too much - I have technical team but they’re busy with other projects. 

       C) Little, I don’t have good technical support and I’d rather do everything myself. 

[Quiz question 3] Which words describe your customers best?

       A) Luxury, quality and demanding.

       B) Convenience, quality and engaged.

      C) Variable, quantity and casual.

[Quiz question 4] What is the age of your customers?

        A) 30-50 years old.

        B) Teenagers and young adults.

        C) 50 and older.

[Quiz question 5] How important is personalisation for your business?

         A) Very important - it’s a priority.

         B) Important just like any other factor.

         C) I don’t really pay attention to it that much. 

[Quiz question 6] Do you have a lot of experience with launching promo campaigns?

         A) Yes, some people call me a Master Marketer.

         B) So-so, I launched a few. 

         C) No, it may be my very first campaign. 

[Quiz question 7] Are you interested in promoting certain world views with your brand?

         A) Sure, why not?

        B) Not really, I’d rather stay out of it. 

         C) I don’t think that my customers would be supportive of this. 

[Quiz question 8] Which distribution channels do you consider?

         A) E-mail.

         B) Mobile.

         C) None of the above.

[Quiz question 9] Are you interested in running an offline campaign?

         A) Yes, I intend to run mostly offline campaign.

         B) No, I want to run strictly online campaign.

        C) Why not - I’d like to have both online and offline versions of my campaign. 

[Quiz question 10] How would you like to reward your customers?

         A) With discounts.

         B) With experiences.

         C) With items.

Quiz answers

f you answered A to most questions we think that these campaigns could do wonders for your brand:

If you answered B to most questions perhaps these campaigns could work for you?

If you answered C to most questions maybe try out these campaigns?

We sincerely hope that this quiz inspired you to launch an amazing campaigns, but if you're still in two minds about it, contact our experts to get some advice on which promo campaign suits your company best.

You can also visit Voucherify cookbook to see Voucherify incentives in practice.


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