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How to develop a successful Coupon Marketing Strategy and increase your conversion rates - The Ultimate Guide

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Shopping Momentum - what is it and how you can use it to your advantage?

Why is it that regular customers tend to spend more than new ones? Check out our newest blog post to learn about Shopping Momentum and use it in your daily business operations.

“Get Fit” vs. “Don’t be Fat” – How relevant contextual messaging can increase motivation.

Crafting a compelling message can be one of the biggest challenges in marketing. How can you motivate your customers with only a few words in an ad or just a few phrases in a product description? While there are countless approaches, one universally useful tip comes out of the study of the psychology of goal pursuit: to make a strong appeal, you need to match how consumers expect to use a product to the “direction” of their motivations for using it.

Rewards and Incentives in Mobile Marketing - The Ultimate Guide

This guide was written for product managers, marketers, CMOs and everyone involved in the process of designing, launching, distributing and tracking marketing campaigns of all sizes and budgets. Its goal is to establish why and how you should invest in incentive-based marketing and expand your brand via mobile channels.

Our Summer Newsletter is here!

Summer 2019 was a busy time here at Voucherify. Take a look at our newsletter to learn about all the new features we've prepared for you.

What promo campaign should I choose? - QUIZ

Answer these questions and see what promo campaign you should launch next!

How to create a coupon aggregate in minutes?

How would you react if we told you that you can create your own coupon aggregate website populated with coupons from your Voucherify campaigns? We bet, you’d be pretty excited. And so are we!

Airbnb referral program reverse-engineered

Airbnb invested in the word-of-mouth marketing and aced their referral program. What about your company? Do you pay enough attention to the power of Social Proof and innate human altruism? If not, let us tell you more about Airbnb referral program and how you can recreate it with Voucherify. 

See how to incentivize your audience with Voucherify-ed CSR.

Voucherify is here to help you incentivize your audience in ways you haven’t thought of before by showing you how you can use Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to your advantage.

How to use headless commerce platforms to build modern marketing campaigns rapidly and affordably

Headless platforms are growing in popularity. Their secret sauce? Developer productivity. Which can even be multiplied when you connect them together. In this article, we’ll dive into API-based tools to see how to use and integrate them so they positively impact the speed of delivery in your project.

How to use Voucherify to launch rewards programs for big and small businesses.

Rewards program is an incentivized and reciprocal way of rewarding customer loyalty that boosts brand advocacy and customer engagement.

Customer-acclaimed best loyalty programs and the nitty-gritty of their success.

What are the best loyalty programs? Why are those rewards schemes the most attractive for the customers? List of customer-best programs and the reasons why.

Personalized promo campaigns convert

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