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How to develop a successful Coupon Marketing Strategy and increase your conversion rates - The Ultimate Guide

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Shopping Momentum - what is it and how you can use it to your advantage?

Why is it that regular customers tend to spend more than new ones? Check out our newest blog post to learn about Shopping Momentum and use it in your daily business operations.

How to design landing pages for customer acquisition and retention promo campaigns

Read on to learn how to design successful landing pages for general purposes and for the specific goal of running promotional campaigns.

The Primacy Effect

One of the simplest questions to ask about consumer behavior is “does order matter?” In other words, does the order in which you present things to your customers affect their decisions? It may or may not surprise you, but yes, order matters. In fact, order matters for a lot of things.

The Foot In The Door Effect

As the name “foot-in-the-door” implies, this effect occurs when customers have done something small for you, which leads them to be more willing to do something bigger for you later on. It is also a well known and widely used tactic in everything from auto sales to telemarketing (where it dramatically increases people’s likelihood to stay on the phone).

Architecture of customer loyalty software — a guide for product managers

How to estimate customer loyalty software? What are the obstacles on the road to well-oiled loyalty campaigns? How to retain customers with capital "R"? This article tries to answer these questions from the PM's point of view.

How to develop the right loyalty or referral program for your SaaS

The best examples of SaaS loyalty and referral programs. How to set up a loyalty program for your SaaS with the Voucherify referral management, API-based software.

Why I think H&M is an example of a bad loyalty program

Even great brands struggle to build a scalable customer loyalty solution that gives consumers what they crave for. When some brands reap a generous harvest of their loyalty programs, the others fail. Good news for small businesses, for sure, it’s not a matter of the budget. A market giant, H&M, invested lots of effort in building their Club for loyal customers and failed my expectations with poor experience. Read on to see why I think you can do better while investing less in your customer retention strategy.

Best practices for B2B rebates and incentives

Creating value from B2B rebates and incentives: incentive compensation software, ROI tracking, promotion personalization.

Unique promo codes in cross-channel Braze experience

What if I tell you that Braze can send unique coupon codes and gift cards in your multi-channel messages? All great opportunities delivered to you by Braze go even farther now and offer personalized promotions run via every connected channel.

Strikethroughs, Reference Pricing, and the Allure of the Deal

With relatively few exceptions, sales events are very important in retail. The reason is obvious: people love to get good deals. Or at least they love to feel like they are getting good deals.

Uber-style referral program with Voucherify

Take an in-depth look into the Uber referral program mechanics and learn how to implement a similar one with Voucherify API.

Personalized promo campaigns convert

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