B2C and B2B discount mix

A case study from an engineering quartz producer




What were the key challenges and pain points before integrating Voucherify?

[PN]:  Our business sells products in a B2C and B2B fashion through an e-commerce store front and has many rule sets around how/when/and under what conditions a customer or purchase instance qualifies for a discount.  Our development team is relatively small for the size and scale of the project delivery needs, and undertaking the development of this portion of the application from scratch was unfeasible.

How quick was the integration and what’s your technology stack?

[PN]:  The integration into Voucherify mostly consisted of syncing our product and customer source identifiers into their data models and developing a consistent way to pass Voucherify’s code validation object when voucher codes were submitted.  Setting up the voucher rules in the interface is very simple and the voucher validation integration was also simple and intuitive.  There were a couple of instances where integration presented challenges due to a desired feature not available within the existing Voucherify data models, however, the Voucherify product team was very responsive to our feature requests and were able to deploy our changes quickly to ease any challenges we found during integration.  Our technology stack consists of a store-front built as a single-page app using AngularJS with a services layer built in .Net leveraging WebAPI.  The backend synchronization is facilitated using Kafka event streams which sit between our ERP and external systems such as Voucherify.

How did Voucherify impact your business?

[PN]:  By integrating our data into Voucherify and using their rules engine we were able to deliver the requested discount functionality to our customers in a fraction of the time it would have taken us to build a discount solution from scratch. This also allowed our go-to-market targets to be reached without compromising the flexibility, extensibility, and scalability of our solution.