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Revolutionize your customer engagement strategies with limitless promotions offered by Voucherify.
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Voucherify Promotion Engine versus Cheetah Digital 

Voucherify Promotion Engine makes it easy for brands to bring all their promo types – referrals, loyalty, coupons, discounts, and gift cards – together in one tool for a complete promotion strategy. Unlike Cheetah Digital, which forces companies into a fixed loyalty framework, Voucherify grants companies the power to create their own loyalty strategy enhanced with personalised rewards and contextual incentives.

What makes Voucherify
a great Cheetah Digital alternative?

Fully custom promotion workflows
Design any type of promotion campaign or loyalty program with abstract API, custom entities and events. 
Drive engagement with connected promotions
Mix and match promotions to match the unique needs of customer groups. 
Rewards for non-loyalty members
Stop focusing only on the most loyal customers. Use contextual rewards to turn regulars into advocates. 
Complete white labeling
Make your brand the center of every interaction with comprehensive branding options and no imposed frontend look.
Advanced reporting 
& analytics
Stay informed by running detailed analytics and optimizing your loyalty program in real time.
Hosted digital wallet
Surprise customers with a customer portal displaying loyalty scores and other owned incentives.
Enterprise-grade security
Get a dedicated cluster to launch mission-critical projects protected by tight security measures.
Light-speed API
Handle spikes with 99.99% uptime, sky-is-the-limit API limits, and 40-60ms response times.

Voucherify or Cheetah Digital – which is better?

Cheetah Digital integrates limited promotional features with a robust customer engagement platform that prioritizes messaging. In contrast, Voucherify offers a full-fledged promotional platform designed to accommodate the growth and evolving needs of businesses, especially those operating at an enterprise level.

With a single integration, Voucherify grants seamless access to a wide range of promotions through intuitive interface. This ease of use and versatility makes Voucherify an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their promotional efforts for both loyal and non-loyal customers. 

Options beyond loyalty

With Voucherify's building blocks and rules builder, you can create a unified, cost-effective promotional strategy that combines multiple elements instead of settling for Cheetah Digital’s limited loyalty solution. Engage non-loyalty customers with a more impactful shopping experience.
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Powerful APIs for custom promotional workflows

Voucherify is an API-driven promotion and loyalty management tool. Unlike other solutions that adopt a generic approach to promotions and customer loyalty, Voucherify provides a rich collection of built-in objects and custom entities to maintain data accuracy, speed up development and adjust to unique business needs.

Here's what sets Voucherify apart as a strong competitor to Cheetah Digital:

  1. Advanced metadata module with nested capabilities.
  2. Dynamic discounts and customized points allocation.
  3. Unrestricted design options with no mandatory frontend components.
  4. All actions can be executed through the API for efficient development.
For Developers

Promotions for composable commerce

Voucherify is a pioneer in the market as the first MACH-certified Promotion Engine, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to advancing the adoption of composable and modular software architecture. Unlike Cheetah Digital, Voucherify allows brands to adapt their promotional strategy to ever-changing needs and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market.
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Transparent pricing

We believe in a clear pricing model that is based on your API usage, with no hidden costs or unexpected price hikes. Our success is directly tied to your satisfaction, and our business model is built to reflect that.
  1. Open 30-days free trial and free plan for low usage or building POCs.
  2. Upgrade, downgrade & cancel any time policy.
  3. Usage-based pricing without hiding key modules behind subscription plans. 
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A custom plan for mission-critical projects
Custom pricing
Contact sales
Custom API limits
Enhanced Security & SLA
Enterprise account administration

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