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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Key features

Versatile promotions
Offer unique discount codes through your Braze engagement messages

Promotion rules engine
Validate promo codes against customer attributes and order structure

Automatic send out
Deliver text-based or QR promo codes with any Braze channels at the right time  

Tracking and monitoring in real-time
Track successful redemptions and campaigns’ performance on web and mobile

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, focus on growing your customer base
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Key benefits

Better conversion
Your potential buyers are seeking coupons. More than 90% of consumers redeemed at least one coupon last year

Customer loyalty
With 1-to-1 incentivized messages, you can strengthen relationships with customers and sharpen up retention rates

Outstanding experience
Exceed customer expectations and surprise them with welcome discounts or dynamic flash-sales with any channel

Effortless integration

Two seamless ways to connect Braze and Voucherify
{% assign campaign_name="New Year Sale" %}
{% connected_content
     :method post
     :headers {
       "X-App-Id": "VOUCHERIFY-APP-ID",
       "X-App-Token": "VOUCHERIFY-APP-TOKEN"
     :body campaign={{campaign_name}}&customer={{${user_id}}}&channel=Braze
     :content_type application/json
     :save publication

Connected Content

Distribute a unique promo code with a simple snippet. The fastest way to incentivize your Braze campaigns - now.

Custom Attributes

Plug Braze’s channels into the Voucherify’s distribution engine. Send promotions if specific conditions are met - automatically.

Learn how to connect Braze and Voucherify

Not only Braze

Voucherify supports email, push notification, and other 3rd party channels.
Take a look at our plugins or tap into the developer hub to build your own in hours.

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Learn how to improve your customer acquisition & retention rates
with the incentive-based platform