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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

In BOOK A TIGER we needed a platform where we could manage our vouchers through a robust API, with a simple client-side integration and where our Marketing Department could create and manage campaigns through a straightforward and functional UI. These requirements were fully met with Voucherify. Along the way, we also discovered new features inside this platform (especially third-party integrations) that additionally help us to make our work easier and our campaigns smarter.

What were the key challenges and pain points before integrating Voucherify?

Finding the right infrastructure to handle Voucher and being able to handle the rule-complexity Marketing wanted for their campaigns. Additionally providing the independence to Marketing to add/remove/modify campaigns and specific vouchers without IT intervention. Finding an isolated environment where Marketing can operate without breaking other parts of our infrastructure. Being able to pull reports of usage and current status of vouchers. 

How quick was the integration and what’s your technology stack?

1h frontend 1h backend

How did Voucherify impact your business?

Marketing can be now more creative and independent in their campaigns without IT coordination.

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