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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

We believe that process of moving goods around the world should be smooth. So we’ve created the online freight marketplace and SaaS software to usher the logistics industry into the digital era, making global shipping faster, more cost-effective and smoother.

What were the key challenges and pain points before integrating Voucherify?

Before Voucherify, we had an inadequate system to manage our promotions that didn't offer transparency within the company or for our users. Our sales and operations teams were not able to work in sync to offer and apply promotions in a seamless way for our customers. This caused us to lose business and look unprofessional when we couldn't deliver promotions in a consistent fashion.

How quick was the integration and what’s your technology stack?

One of the reasons that helped us decide on going with Voucherify was the fact we were able to proof very quickly that our redeeming rules were supported. By just signing up and using their APIs we were able to create a proof of concept in just a few hours. Their support staff were very responsive solving all our questions and we were able to make a demonstration to our senior management in record time.

We found it very convenient to use their Java SDKs to integrate with our backend code, based on Java and running on Google Cloud, and we ended up being able to use our first promotion code just a few weeks after our first contact with them.

How did Voucherify impact your business?

Voucherify offers a robust solution at a very competitive price. Their support team has been fabulous - they are responsive and quick to answer any questions that have come up. Not long after implementing Voucherify we launched two promotional campaigns simultaneously, with both going off without a hitch; something we couldn't have done before integration. Their interface for our Sales team is clear and easy-to-use and it's great that we can get new promotions going without any further input from our development.

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