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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Built on the latest cloud-based dispatch technology, iCabbi supports 70,000 vehicles doing over three million trips every week. Proven as a flexible, innovative solution for forward-thinking fleets, customers use our white label products or open APIs to drive their businesses forward.


Improved customer retention
and acquisition rates
Increased rate
of self-service customers
Automated email, SMS, push notification,
and print coupon distribution
White label solution
with guided onboarding

Key challenges

iCabbi provides dispatch software for major taxi companies across the globe. To increase customer retention rate and compete with car-hailing platforms, iCabbi’s customers create new promotional strategies. Unique promo codes and referral schemes were the first tools to be tested in the market. To extend their platform with promotion management functionality, iCabbi has integrated Voucherify API.

We found integration with Voucherify a painless experience. The guys at Voucherify were very clear in their documentation and were always on hand if we had any queries. The integration of Java, Android, and iOS applications took approximately one month.

Example campaigns Voucherify helped launch

Taxi companies use promotion campaigns to achieve three strategic goals:

Reduce operational expenses by enticing customers to use self-service mode

iCabbi customers achieve this by using their mobile apps and the web booker. To increase the usage percentage of these customer touch points, companies launch promo codes which are eligible only with these channels.

Drive customer retention

Recurring bookings is the single most important concern of today’s taxi companies. To retain customers, marketers must create novel and targeted discount campaigns while also monitoring the promotion budget. A coupon code is a tool which satisfies these requirements. iCabbi clients use Voucherify to segment end-customers based on their personal details and order history. In this way, they can offer special deals at the right time and with the right channel. Thanks to Vouchery pre-built integrations with SMS gateways, iCabbi customers can distribute code in text message without additional implementation effort.

They also use vouchers to compensate passengers who aren’t satisfied with service. For instance, if a customer files a complaint and the claim comes through, a customer service agent sends a one-off discount code, JOHNDOE50, which carries 50% off for the next order.

Personalized incentives and caring about top-notch passenger experience drives customer loyalty and increases the number of recurring bookings.

Attract new customers

Taxi companies have also ingrained Voucherify into customer acquisition campaigns. These campaigns aren’t limited to standard printed flyers with coupon codes. iCabbi’s business intelligence tools feed Voucherify segment and rule engine to offer targeted offers. One of them launches promotions in “quite periods” when the traffic is low. The other is the double-sided referral scheme where both referrer and new customer are rewarded.

By introducing the Promo Codes and Referral Schemes features to our product range, it has allowed our customers to target and incentivize their customers. As a result of releasing this functionality, our customers have seen an increase in their app downloads and as a result a growth in the number of bookings they receive.

How is Voucherify integrated with the daily workflow?

Voucherify provides a white label extension for iCabbi dispatch platform. After an onboarding process prepared by joint Voucherify and iCabbi teams, taxi companies can plan, distribute, and monitor promotional campaigns from an intuitive dashboard. The customer touch points such as mobile apps and the web booker have been equipped with Voucherify’s promo code redemption widgets. The widgets allow end customers to redeem coupons while verifying whether the code matches predefined time-, budget-, and segment-based validation rules. Voucherify enables taxi companies to utilize their trusted communication infrastructure by providing several integrations with various SMS and push notification gateways.

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