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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

BigCommerce promotions that convert to your growth

  • Retain your customers by offering personalized gift certificates
  • Earn customer loyalty with exclusive discounts and long-term campaigns.
  • Improve your customer retention and acquisition at the same time with double-sided referral programs
  • Create loyalty campaigns that keep an eye on your best audience and deliver incentives automatically

Key features

Flexible rules builder to adjust every promotion to custom needs of your customers

Multi-channel support to deliver personalized messages with promo codes in the right context

Real-time syncing of BigCommerce data to enable you instant response to customers’ activity with tailored incentives

Key capabilities

Diversified promotions combined with advanced personalization

Make the most of coupons and promotions

Enhance your marketing power with new promotion ideas and customized buying scenarios for you BigCommerce store
  • Order paid? Retain customer and send 10% coupon for next order!
  • Every time a customer cancelled their order, send an automatic email with $5 discount.
  • Launch geo-located campaign active only in specific areas
  • Create advanced product- and cart-specific promotion rules to increase average order spend
  • Use fixed, public codes for short-time flash sales or event promotion like a 20% discount in the next 6 hours on our new X product line
  • Launch seasonal and holiday campaigns to make the most of these low-hanging fruits and maximize sales
  • Reward for the most loyal customers with gift card credits and exclusive discounts delivered in personalized emails.
  • Offer instant sign up discount thanks to real-time data syncing with BigCommerce
  • A/B test your ideas using multiple campaigns at the same time and use dashboard metrics to figure out the best strategy
  • Reward your customers for referring new customers with multi-level and double-sided referral programs
  • Trigger automatic birthday coupons to increase customer loyalty and bring dormant users to your store.
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Why current & future
e-commerce leaders choose Voucherify

  • Easy installation (import wizard for your BigCommerce data)
  • Native integrations with popular e-commerce & CRM platforms
  • Rich API for 3rd-party integrations
  • GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Secure data backup
  • Usage-based pricing

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