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How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

Send unique coupons with SMS

Connect a free Twilio plugin to reach your customers with personalized coupons in the right place at the right time. Monitor your campaigns by tracking delivery details, customer data, and the redemption rate.

Effortless integration

Integration doesn’t require custom code. Just provide your Twilio credentials and you’re all set.

Engaging SMS

Personalize each text message right in the marketer dashboard. Use the following merge variables to get that personal look and feel:

  • Customer name
  • Customer email
  • Coupon code
  • Coupon value
  • QR code

On top of that, you can follow the current location of your customers to enhance your campaigns with geo-located keywords.

SMS automations

Launch SMS campaigns manually or trigger them automatically based on event-type. Customers who match the criteria enter the segment immediately and get the SMS with a coupon code automatically.

  • Customer made an order
  • Customer canceled an order
  • Customer updated an order
  • Customer paid
  • Entered the segment
  • Or any custom event

That's not all

QR codes

Because of ubiquitous mobile technologies, brick-and-mortar redemptions can drive up your conversions. QR codes sent in MMS messages bring your customers immediate access to redemption and increase coupon usability. Additionally, with the Voucherify mobile app, you can track interactions with your coupons at offline sites.

Tracking and monitoring

Twilio provides you with details about message delivery, so you always know if the SMS reached the receiver successfully. Voucherify presents these data along with the coupon redemption success rate. Thanks to this you can analyze your overall SMS campaign performance in one dashboard.

SMS distribution with custom rules

With our flexible rules engine, you can shape a myriad of SMS coupon deals. Flash sales, cross and up-selling, event-based promotions, geo-oriented campaigns, exclusive discounts, social contests and much more are available with predefined and easy to configure validation rules.

Consistent API

Thanks to the fact that Voucherify is a developer-friendly API platform, only a little effort is required to bring your marketing team independence and build a cost-effective promotion system. Voucherify provides your developers with comprehensive documentation, illustrative examples, and the full support of our experienced team of engineers.

Access under control

With isolated projects within a Voucherify account, you can build a consistent promotion system which manages your coupons and discounts across different brands, countries, stores or partners. Likewise, flexible access roles give you better control on every level - you can assign different rights to your team members, third parties, and even specific points of sales.

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