Discount coupons

Get any type of coupon campaign up and running in minutes


Control every aspect of your campaign

Each campaign has a set of features that you can fine-tune to achieve your marketing targets. Whether it’s time-limiting or testing different campaigns sizes, Voucherify has what you need. The dashboard lets you define:

  • Value - experiment with one of 3 discount types: dollar, percentage and volume to drive the best revenue
  • Date range - run multiple, time-sensitive campaigns at the same time to create a sense of urgency 
  • Redemption limit - controls the lifecycle of your coupon. Choose one of 3 options (single redemption, X redemptions possible, unlimited redemptions) to change the way customers interact with the promotion
  • Prefix - useful for coupon maintenance and reporting; especially in bulk unique code campaigns

Bulk unique CODES

The simplest way to launch your coupon campaign is to start with a fixed voucher code e.g. voucherify4free or xmas2016. The advantage here is that it’s super easy to distribute. You just create and push out the code through various channels.

But if you need to control the number of redemptions, you’d better to tap into unique, hard-to-guess codes. Voucherify provides an easy way to generate large sets of unique codes (up to millions) with the dashboard.


Target your customers precisely

If you want to achieve higher granularity for your voucher campaigns, you should use discount rules. This feature makes it possible to trigger different coupon offers based on predetermined buying scenarios. Several purchase dimensions are taken into account:

  • Customer segment - once you activate customer tracking, you can make your offer valid only to a certain segment
  • Product items - improve your sales efforts by pushing out coupons related to a specific product or a variant
  • Cart volume - this parameter gives you the ability to create discounts based on the number of items ordered or the total amount in the cart