What is voucherify? 

Voucherify is a Software as a Service, e-commerce developer tool that provides an API and a user interface to generate vouchers distributed to your customers. But voucherify is not only a promo code generator, see how it helps you monitor and optimise your digital coupon marketing campaigns.

Who is voucherify for?

For software developers and growth hackers that want to get vouchers management fast and right. Now you don't have to build it from scratch or setup Magento or Shopify integration only to generate and redeem vouchers for your website or app. 

Who's behind voucherify?

Voucherify is built for developers by developers. We are rspective - a pragmatic software house.


What does it mean that voucherify is developer friendly?

We build Voucherify as an API first platform. For us this entails the following:

  • You are able to interact with the system via HTTP protocol. The API sticks to REST principles
  • The documentation is developer-oriented and always up-to-date
  • We want to be transparent when it comes to system’s maintenance. Check out our status page
  • All client libraries are open-sourced so that you can customise it on your own.

Does voucherify provide SDK?

Yes. Voucherify offers developers Node.js, JavaScript, Java, Android and PHP libraries to connect to its API. They're all open sourced - github repo

What's a campaign?

A campaign describes a set of vouchers in terms of:

  • discount it carries (percentage or amount)
  • start and expiry date
  • number of possible redemptions
  • voucher code prefix e.g. xmas
  • volume


How to upgrade to a PaID PLAN?

Follow these 3 steps:

  • Visit the billing section in your account settings https://app.voucherify.io/#/app/account/billing
  • Select a respective plan: STANDARD or PLUS
  • Fill out the credit card form and company details then click the CREATE SUBSCRIPTION button (sometimes the credit card form may take a while to show up)

What TYPE of payments do you accept?

We accept credit card payments, namely: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover_

How do I calculate redemptions?

The license limits only REDEEM API calls. All other such as VALIDATE, RETRIEVE, REDEMPTION, or IMPORT doesn’t utilise your quota. The limit is not bound to any particular campaign, this is a sum of all valid REDEEM API calls.

Is there any campaign limit?

No, you can create as many campaigns as you want.

Can I try Voucherify before purchasing the standard plan?

We offer 30 days free trial, if it's not enough let us know at support@voucherify.io 

I'm pretty sure I will exceed the plan soon, what should I do?

Let us know at support@voucherify.io and we’ll call you back with several options. Generally, we charge you proportionally to the number of redeem requests. You can downgrade any time to the STANDARD plan.

Can I cancel my subscription ANYtime?


What happens to MY data if I cancel?

They're stored for 3 months so that you have enough time to export them (we can help with it too).  After this period your account will be removed. 


I have my vouchers in database and excel sheets, how can I import them?

There are two methods for importing existing vouchers to the specific campaign. Both of them need a campaign created first. First one is by supplying a csv file on the website. After opening a campaign, in the details section, there is a button “Import CSV”. Each line represents a voucher, which values should be separated by comma and put in three columns: code, discount, discountType. Second one is through the import REST API. This way accepts vouchers in a json format and is meant to be used with some converting layer. More information can be found here.

Is my data backed up?

Yes, all your data are automatically backed up using Amazon’s redundant S3 service.

Can I back up my data offsite?

Yes, we always do backups of all the content ourselves. But you can additionally backup all your voucher data manually. Contact our support for details.

How can I know IF Voucherify has a downtime? 

As much as we want to ensure 100% uptime, it might happen the system is down for some reason. In this scenario, we will inform you through e-mail immediately. You can also subscribe to our status page messages - status.voucherify.io  

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How to generate unique vouchers / coupons?

With voucherify, it boils down to creating a new campaign with GUI or programmatically. Follow Create your first campaign tutorial to find out how quickly you can generate thousands of random and hard to guess coupon codes.

How to redeem voucher / coupon programmatically?

It's as easy as invoking a redeem method from our REST API. In order to make it even more smooth, we prepared a handful of SDK for various environments (Node.js, Java, PHP). For more checkout our github profile.

How to track vouchers / coupons redemption?

Voucherify provides a simple customer tracking functionality. Check out how to create customer profiles and get access to vouchers redemption history.


Yes, you can. See how you can test vouchers with Sandbox API