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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Make wiser business decisions with this top web analytics tool

How Google Analytics works?

Google Analytics is the top tool for web and mobile apps analytics. The core functionality focuses on real-time data pooling. With Google Analytics, you can track audience demographics, user behaviors, conversion goals, and more. Despite its various features, Google Analytics remains one of the most intuitive analytics tools with simple implementation. All you need to do is place a snippet on the site you want to track, and web data will start flowing into your Google Analytics account right away.

How to make the most of Voucherify and Google Analytics?

The integration of Voucherify and Google Analytics will help you track your Voucherify landing pages performance. Voucherify offers a separate tool for tracking, yet many of our clients prefer to keep their web data in one place. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for this purpose. Staying in control is crucial with promo landing pages as too many codes running rampant can lead to your business losing money instead of earning it. To use this integration, you need to have a Google Analytics account.

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