How Munhowen Drinx integrated an omnichannel loyalty program into POS with Voucherify
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2022-10-19 5:00 pm

Serve your customers better with BarTab

How Tabology works?

Tabology is a company dedicated to creating smart and modern solutions for bars and pubs. BarTab is the main product of Tabology. It is a portable iPad-like EPOS system with intuitive design. With BarTab, pub owners can easily check their cash records, perform stock counts, or schedule staff. The company also offers other products – TableTab that allows customers to place orders; PourTab which enables customers to pour their own drinks; MemberTab app via which customers can place orders online; and TabHub which allows users to manage all the other Tabology products. 

How to make the most of Voucherify and Tabology?

With Voucherify integrated into your Tabology products, both customers and staff members can access promotions that you’ve created using Voucherify building blocks. The integration is on the side of Tabology. With your EPOS enhanced by personalized promotions and gamified loyalty programs, your business is sure to not only attract more customers but also keep them come back again and again.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.