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Meet the Best
Alternative to

Integrate once and let the marketing team handle the rest. Run flexible promotions while cutting development costs and allowing your marketing team to shine.
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Monthly redemptions



Complete Lightrail Alternative

Run any promo campaign with single tool
Ditch single-issue software and empower your marketing team with a complete promotional suite.
Offer marketers an edge with intuitive UI
Let your marketing team create any promo campaign without constantly nagging developers.
Make developers happy with API-first infrastructure
Empower your technical team with 10+ SDKs, native integrations, API-driven architecture and more exclusive features.

Promotion Engine for
Marketers & Developers

Are you tired of constantly coding and maintaining Lightrail promotions? Join 250+ customers who chose a customizable promotion engine that will give you all the flexibility you need.
  1. Complex validation rules available in the UI.
  2. Built-in messaging designer for email and SMS.
  3. Custom attributes that make any use case possible.
  4. Single customer view & customer portal.
  5. Complete white-label solution.
See Features
UI shot of the discount campaign wizard with a discount selection view
Illustration of a CSV import of customer data

We will support you with migration

  1. Our experts will walk you through your use cases to ensure every ongoing campaign can be replicated.
  2. Fully documented API is easy to integrate, but if you run into any issues, we will support your developers with their queries.
  3. CRM integrations, bulk updates, CSV import for products and customers will help you synchronize your data.
  4. Our partners will help you replicate your campaign, landing pages, email templates, and other creative assets.
  5. We will train your employees on how to use the tool (available for enterprise-level subscription plan).
  6. If you do not have developers available for the integration and migration, we or our partners can do that for you.

Voucherify vs. Lightrail

Everything you love about Lightrail with some Voucherify-exclusive features and affordable pricing.
If you are not sure that your use case is covered by Voucherify, contact us.

Track  performance
with visual charts
See what works and what doesn't with detailed performance analytics.
Leverage native integrations
with top mar tech tools
Integrate Voucherify with your favorite tools in a couple of clicks.
Design and host
landing pages for free
Expand your campaigns with dedicated promotional landing pages.
Integrate into any touchpoint,
not only checkout
Build Voucherify into any phase of your sales funnel.
Build campaigns
with other team members
Voucherify adapts to your processes and supports multiple teams at once.
Combine and stack promotions
to boost CX
Run smart promotions that adapt to customer behavior.

Meeting the highest security standards

As a trusted partner for global brands, data security is at the core of everything we do in Voucherify. Our strict procedures guarantee your data safety every step of the way.
  1. Dedicated clusters located worldwide.
  2. Team management & approval workflows.
  3. GDPR, CCPA & CAN-SPAM compliant.
  4. Audit logs and 24/7 monitoring.
  5. 99.99% uptime and response SLAs.
  6. Reliability and backup (RAID class hardware, AWS S3).
For Developers
Illustration of the world with dots presenting different server locations

How Voucherify stacks up against Lightrail?

As Lightrail ceases operations, we are confident that Voucherify will meet all your promotional needs.

More promotional campaigns
Voucherify is equipped with dedicated discount, loyalty, referral, gift cards & giveaway builders, making it a powerhouse for any type of promotional activity.
Quick & easy
With over 10 SDKs, sandbox environment, and webhooks for 60 events, your tech team can integrate Voucherify into any customer touchpoint in just one development sprint.

Promotion Engine
for global brands
While Lightrail is a better fit for development-oriented start-ups, Voucherify enterprise-readiness  make it the best choice for both smalle and Fortune 500 brands.
marketers & developers
Your creative teams get intuitive dashboard with visual charts and dedicated builders, while developers get a bundle of ready tools to simplify routine tasks and make the integration a breeze.

Flexible API and Promotion Engine

Create a validation rule
Build a loyalty program with a custom loyalty card pattern.
Create a campaign
Create unique vouchers.
Code snippet with a create campaign API endpoint
Add validation rules
Add previously created redemption limit.
Code snippet with the add validation rules API endpoint
Publish a voucher
Assign a code to Alice so only she can use it.
Code snippet with the publication API method
Redeem a voucher
Use the code as Alice to enjoy a discount.
Code snippet with a redemption API endpoint
List redemptions
Monitor how many customers redeemed the code.
Code snippet with list redemptions API endpoint
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Create a cart promotion
Run an automatic promotion with one tier.
Code snippet with create promotion API method
Add validation rules
Make the promotion available only for orders above $100.
Code snippet with add redemption limits API method
Assign validation rules
Connect validation rules with the campaign
Code snippet with assign redemption rules API method
Redeem promotion tier
Get a $10 discount as Alice by making an order above $100.
Code snippet with redeem promotion tier API method
List promotion tiers
Check how many tiers are available in the promotion to display them as banners on your website.
Code snippet with list promotion  tiers API endpoint
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Create a loyalty program
Build a loyalty program with a custom loyalty card pattern.
Code snippet with create loyalty program API method
Assign loyalty rewards
Add a reward worth 15 loyalty points to the program.
Code snippet with create loyalty reward API call
Add loyalty program participants
Now let's add Alice Morgan to the Loyalty Program
Code snippet with assignment of loyalty card to owner API call
Assign validation rule
Connect validation rule with the campaign
Create the earning rule
For each order, participants get 15 loyalty points to spend on rewards.
Code snippet with create loyalty earning rule API method
Check members' activity
See how Alice is doing in your loyalty program.
Code snippet with redeem loyalty reward API call
Get a loyalty reward
Make an order as Alice and get a reward in exchange for collected loyalty points.
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Create a referral program
Build a double-sided referral program where successful referral is triggered for referee’s orders worth more than $100.
Code snippet with create referral campaign API call
Create a referral reward
Use discount vouchers as rewards for the referrers.
Code snippet with create referral reward API call
Publish referral codes
Assign a referral code to Alice so she can share it with family and friends.
Code snippet with publication of the referral code API call
Use referral code
Let John redeem Alice’s code – both get referral rewards.
Code snippet with redeem referral code API call
Check customer referrals
See how many new users Alice invited.
Code snippet with get customer data API call
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Generate gift cards
Create gift cards with $100 balance.
Code snippet with create gift card campaign API call
Publish gift cards
Assign the gift card to Alice so she becomes the owner of the card.
Code snippet with assignment of gift card to holder API method
Redeem the gift card
Use Alice’s gift card to make a purchase.
Code snippet with redeem gift card balance API method
Check gift card balance
See how much money is left on Alice’s card.
Code snippet with get gift card balance API call
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right

Don't worry about scale

There is no setup fee, you pay for what you use, and can downgrade anytime. We offer lower pricing tiers for POCs and cancel anytime policy – all to help you make sure that Voucherify is the right choice, on your schedule.
  1. Prolongable 30-days free trial.
  2. Open documentation for marketers and developers.
  3. Upgrade, downgrade & cancel any time policy.
  4. Usage-based pricing.
See Pricing


A custom plan for mission-critical projects
Custom pricing
Contact sales
Custom API limits
Enhanced Security & SLA
Enterprise account administration

Are you a Lightrail client?

As a  result of Lightrail ceasing operations, many Lightrail clients have already contacted us about replacing their promotion management software with Voucherify.

We are more than happy to speak with you about these and other unique selling propositions of the Voucherify platform.

Feel free to contact us so we can talk about your promotional needs.


Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.