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Offer Management API for Digital Promotions

API-first, headless Offer Management Platform that lets you create, manage, track and optimize personalized promotions at scale.

Illustration of a campaign list showing a several active campaigns

Enterprises scale with Voucherify

Why do you need Offer Management API?

One holistic platform
Create and manage cart-level promotions, discount vouchers, gift cards, giveaways, referral and loyalty programs all in one place.
Flexible API
Add custom rewards, eligibility criteria, add metadata and enjoy full offer personalization, all without having to write a single line of a custom code.
Extensive documentation
SDKs of major programming languages, full API reference and clear documentation will make your developers love our platform.

The Offer Management Platform for all your needs

Manage all promotional offers from one place. Launch campaigns, monitor their performance and optimize them from a single dashboard. Manage multiple projects simultaneously on one account, including multi-region and multi-currency projects.
  1. Easy-to-use dashboards for marketers and product managers.
  2. Built-in analytics and performance charts.
  3. Built-in landing pages and email creator.
  4. Distribution management & omnichannel capabilities.
  5. Plenty of out-of-the-box integrations.
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UI illustration presenting different campaign types
UI shot of the validation rules builder

Customizable eligibility criteria with quick API

Set any eligibility criteria you want thanks to our flexible API. Base your promotions availability on:

  1. Real-time segments & customer attributes.
  2. Order history & basket content.
  3. Geolocation.
  4. Product attributes & average basket size.
  5. Preferences.
  6. Custom events (e.g., joining a newsletter, filling out a survey, etc.).
  7. Custom rules supported by metadata.
Georgia Yexley

Now our marketing and growth team can easily and quickly run promotions that target different schemes and users (and no involvement from the dev team!). Having the ability to have all of our promotions we have ever done in one place with details about redemptions and success, and the ability to analyze this data is invaluable. We're not done yet though and can't wait to continue experimenting and using all the power that Voucherify offers.

Personalized rewards

Offer anything from points through products to experiences. Personalize your rewards and choose from plenty of options:
  1. One-off promo codes & site-wide coupons.
  2. Dynamic cart promotions & bundles.
  3. Amount, percentage, and unit discounts.
  4. Coupon wallets & digital gift cards.
  5. Scannable QR & barcodes.
  6. Tiered referral and loyalty schemes.

Invest in frictionless cross-channel delivery:

Distribute your rewards via various channels, all from a single Offer Management Platform. Thanks to API-first approach, our software can be connected to any current or future distribution channels. We also offer out-of-the-box integrations with various providers, covering these channels:
  1. Broadcast & automated email.
  2. Print & POS.
  1. Promotions eligibility notifications.
  2. Social media.
  1. Website push notifications.
  2. Landing pages.
  1. Feed & in-app message.
  2. SMS & puch notifications.
  3. Livechat & chatbot.
UI shot of coupon campaign analytics

Offer Management Software with built-in analytics

Analyse your results and optimize your campaigns, all from the same Offer Management Platform.

  1. Campaign performance reports.
  2. Audit logs and failed redemptions tracking.
  3. A/B testing & simple campaign cloning.
  4. Single customer view & customer filters.
  5. CRM & CDP integrations.

On demand Platform Overview webinar

See what Voucherify is all about and evaluate if we are the right tool for your business.
  • The typical problems digital team encounter when running personalized sales promotions.
  • What does it mean that Voucherify is an API-first & headless promotion management platform?
  • What promotional flows can you launch with Voucherify out-of-the-box?
  • What Voucherify-exclusive features do you get if you choose us as your promotions provider?
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Flexible API and Promotion Engine

Create a validation rule
Build a loyalty program with a custom loyalty card pattern.
Create a campaign
Create unique vouchers.
Code snippet with a create campaign API endpoint
Add validation rules
Add previously created redemption limit.
Code snippet with the add validation rules API endpoint
Publish a voucher
Assign a code to Alice so only she can use it.
Code snippet with the publication API method
Redeem a voucher
Use the code as Alice to enjoy a discount.
Code snippet with a redemption API endpoint
List redemptions
Monitor how many customers redeemed the code.
Code snippet with list redemptions API endpoint
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Create a cart promotion
Run an automatic promotion with one tier.
Code snippet with create promotion API method
Add validation rules
Make the promotion available only for orders above $100.
Code snippet with add redemption limits API method
Assign validation rules
Connect validation rules with the campaign
Code snippet with assign redemption rules API method
Redeem promotion tier
Get a $10 discount as Alice by making an order above $100.
Code snippet with redeem promotion tier API method
List promotion tiers
Check how many tiers are available in the promotion to display them as banners on your website.
Code snippet with list promotion  tiers API endpoint
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Create a loyalty program
Build a loyalty program with a custom loyalty card pattern.
Code snippet with create loyalty program API method
Assign loyalty rewards
Add a reward worth 15 loyalty points to the program.
Code snippet with create loyalty reward API call
Add loyalty program participants
Now let's add Alice Morgan to the Loyalty Program
Code snippet with assignment of loyalty card to owner API call
Assign validation rule
Connect validation rule with the campaign
Create the earning rule
For each order, participants get 15 loyalty points to spend on rewards.
Code snippet with create loyalty earning rule API method
Check members' activity
See how Alice is doing in your loyalty program.
Code snippet with redeem loyalty reward API call
Get a loyalty reward
Make an order as Alice and get a reward in exchange for collected loyalty points.
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Create a referral program
Build a double-sided referral program where successful referral is triggered for referee’s orders worth more than $100.
Code snippet with create referral campaign API call
Create a referral reward
Use discount vouchers as rewards for the referrers.
Code snippet with create referral reward API call
Publish referral codes
Assign a referral code to Alice so she can share it with family and friends.
Code snippet with publication of the referral code API call
Use referral code
Let John redeem Alice’s code – both get referral rewards.
Code snippet with redeem referral code API call
Check customer referrals
See how many new users Alice invited.
Code snippet with get customer data API call
Arrow pointing left
Arrow pointing right
Generate gift cards
Create gift cards with $100 balance.
Code snippet with create gift card campaign API call
Publish gift cards
Assign the gift card to Alice so she becomes the owner of the card.
Code snippet with assignment of gift card to holder API method
Redeem the gift card
Use Alice’s gift card to make a purchase.
Code snippet with redeem gift card balance API method
Check gift card balance
See how much money is left on Alice’s card.
Code snippet with get gift card balance API call
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Arrow pointing right

Make Voucherify Offer Management API-first software a part of your dream stack

Choose from 20+ integrations for fast time-to-market.
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