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Best Photo Giveaway

Launch an image contest whose winners get to take part in a draw for several available rewards.


You can launch a photo contest asking your customers to take a picture of themselves wearing your product and telling others why they like it. In return, offer them a giveaway entry. There are various rewards to win, from gift cards for your products, shopping advice from stylists, size-neutral products (e.g., bags, jewelry) to monetary incentives like 1000$.

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Best Practices

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Remember to ask your giveaway participants to upload high-quality photos to qualify. Ask them for permission to use their pictures on your product listing pages/social media so that you can benefit from using their content.
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Offer various rewards to motivate different groups of people. Offer smaller rewards but more of them to increase the motivation by giving higher chances of winning to the participants.
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Focus on gift cards as an incentive to increase the shopping frequency among your customers.
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Make sure to use promotion management software that automates drawing winners, assigning rewards, and notifying users about their failure and success. Otherwise, managing a gamified strategy like this manually would take a heavy toll on your marketing and development teams.
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Main benefits

Hosting a giveaway is one of the easiest and the most pleasant marketing undertakings aimed at generating buzz around your brand and driving quality engagement with your brand.

This particular case is also a great way to get some User Generated Content that you can later use in other promotional campaigns.  

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