How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
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Birthday Discounts

Celebrate your customer’s birthday by giving them a personalized discount coupon as a birthday present.


Send a birthday coupon for your customer’s birthday one week before so that they can order their gift and have it delivered for their special day. Offer free delivery and gift packaging as well as a 10-30% discount for your products or services or a gift that comes with the purchase.

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Best Practices

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To offer an even more personalized experience, give a bigger discount, but only for one product category you know your customer likes the most (for example, jewelry).
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To slightly nudge your customer to use the promotion, give it a short expiration date. For example, make it valid only for one week leading to their birthday.
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Main benefits

With this type of campaign, you can make your customers feel special and appreciated, foster their loyalty and incentivize them to spend more in your store. 

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