How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
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Discount for the Second Opt-in

Offer an incentive for double opt-in.


Launch a 5% off coupon campaign for all customers who successfully verified their email addresses via the double opt-in process.

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Best Practices

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You can offer a percentage or amount discount or even a gift card with a pre-defined amount on it ready to spend. Try different scenarios and see what motivates your customers most.
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Giving out incentives is a good strategy to promote desired behaviour from your customers. You can, for example, give incentives for allowing for 3rd party data tracking or primary data collection, filling out surveys or testing new products.
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Main benefits

This type of campaign helps you incentivize the opt-in (for newsletter subscription or a marketing consent) which translates into higher opt-in conversion rates. It also increases the conversion to first purchase, as the discount motivates the subscriber to purchase your products/services.

You could offer the incentive directly in the second opt-in email but it can put your email in the spam folder. Offering the discount on the thank-you page after the second opt-in is a safer option. You can mention the discount on the subscription form before the email opt-ins to avoid using the word discount in your emails.

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