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Loyalty Program with Custom Points

Deliver more on-brand and unique experiences with custom currency in your loyalty program instead of points.


Customers collect Corks for purchasing wine via a mobile app (one Cork = $10). When loyalty members collect 10 Corks, they get wine for free. When the free bottle of wine is added to the order, customers’ loyalty score is back to 0.

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Best Practices

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Make the rules for points/currency exchange to real rewards easy to understand so that the customers understand the exact currency value.
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Ensure that the custom currency is related to your brand.
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Make sure that when naming your program and the currency you are not violating any established trademarks.
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Main benefits

Coming up with a catchy currency name makes your program instantly more fun and builds an association between points' unique name and your brand, making for a more unified user experience. Collecting Stars or Diamonds is more attractive than basing your program formula on points. 

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