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Multi-tiered Loyalty Program

Loyalty program with different tiers. Tiers can differ in reward actions, rewards accessibility, and more.


Your customers earn points for the miles they fly on a particular airline, nights they stay at the partner hotels, or trips they book. Customers can later use these credits to purchase plane tickets, book trips, or get exclusive, complimentary services such as extra luggage. The program is divided into two tiers – with the default beginner tier offering discounts for trips and car renting services. The premium tier offers additional perks such as priority boarding, round-the-clock hotel check-in, and more.

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Best Practices

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You can offer bonus points for the VIP tier. For example, basic members get 1 point for each 1$ spent, VIP get 2 points for each 2$ spent.
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You can choose to set the loyalty tiers based on another differentiator than loyalty points, for example, based on the customer’s age and offer different rewards for different customer groups (segments).
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Main benefits

By dividing your program into tiers, you get to incentivize loyal customers with better incentives, saving your budget on the less profitable ones. You also add gamification to your loyalty program and motivate the customers to move up the tier ladder. 

You can set loyalty tiers based on either minimum or maximum points earned in the program. 

The loyalty program rules that apply to each tier could differ in various ways:

  • The rewards available – offering some rewards only to higher tiers. For instance, you could be offering physical prizes for the bottom level, points for the second, and cashback for the highest tier. 
  • The reward value – offering different discounts to different tiers (5, 10, 15% off).
  • Different earning rules – giving 1 point for an X spent for the bottom tier, 1.5 points for the same amount for the middle tier, and 2 points for the VIP tier.
  • Expiry dates – for example, VIP clients could have longer expiry dates for their rewards.

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