How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
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Segment-based Promotion

A multi-tier cart-level discount that applies a different deal to different customer segments.


Launch a multi-tier promotion based on cart structure (min. order value $200) and membership levels: $5 off for beginners, $10 off for standard users, and $20 off for premium customers.

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Best Practices

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You could segment the customers based on any data for maximum personalization, not only their previous purchases. For example, you can group users based on location, loyalty program tier, age, weather, and more.
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Make sure to include the minimum order value.
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Ensure that each customer gets to use the promotion only once.
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Main benefits

You can offer different tiers discounts, spending less or more budget on each level and engaging particular segments that need it the most or cost you the least compared to their average spending. 

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