Coupons in subscription based business

A case study from Grover


Kannan Reghu
Vice President, Technology


What were the key challenges and pain points before integrating Voucherify?

Our e-commerce solution had a coupon management system, but it was very limited in functionality. First of all, it lacked unique code campaigns, and therefore we couldn’t assign a personal code to a customer. Second, we found it impossible to adapt the current coupon system to recurrent payments which are the core of our business. Third, limiting fixed-code redemptions to one per customer required a lot of custom code. We were pleased to see most of these features built in Voucherify. The remaining part was implemented on top of the API.

How quick was the integration and what’s your technology stack?

It took us a couple of days. The recurring orders required more complex integration with several Voucherify API endpoints. Fortunately, Tom and his team responded quickly to our questions providing thorough answers and even code samples. On top of that, Node.js and Ruby SDK and dozen examples in the spec made the integration smooth and was a pleasant experience overall.

How did Voucherify impact your business?

Voucherify allowed us to quick-start some of promotional experiments. The part of them drives engagement of existing customers, whereas the other parted is targeted at acquiring new ones through influencer marketing. As for now, we aim at learning what kind of campaigns works best for our business.