Use Cases

Harness the power of Voucherify’s API platform to build high-performance voucher and coupon campaigns. 


Empowered Coupon Marketing

Let your marketing team get creative in driving revenue. 

This platform lets you reinvent your coupon strategy to get benefits every marketing manager is looking for: increased awareness, positive brand perception and, ultimately, a boost in sales. Customers use Voucherify to modernize and breathe life into proven selling techniques:

  • Put expiry dates on your coupons to create a sense of urgency and let your customers know it isn’t going to last forever
  • Provide incentives for first-time shoppers or repeat purchases based on historical data in customer profiles
  • Limit a public coupon offer to the first X participants with the redemption limiter
  • Issue personalized coupon codes without the risk of fraud
  • Target the right customers using data from your CRM system
  • Offer cross-selling and other product-specific deals based on SKUs and inventory attributes
  • Get the most out of upselling with in-cart minimum spend rule
  • Nurture shoppers with coupon-based email campaigns
  • Sell and recharge gift cards easily with Shopify integration

Plus, you can combine them to get the most out of your coupon activities. All of it at your fingertips. A super simple user interface to launch and monitor your coupon deals on your own. Upgrade your coupon strategy with minimal effort from your development team. 

📗 Learn more with the Creating advanced coupon campaigns guide


Outbound Marketing on Steroids

Get even more out of your digital promo codes.

You can build some highly effective marketing tools on top of a reliable promo code infrastructure. The biggest benefit of unique promo codes is the tracking capability. A marketing message supported with this kind of incentive not only converts better but is easier to monitor. Here are some use cases that take advantage of promo code tracking in your outbound efforts.

  • Online marketplace promotions - thanks to unique codes, merchants can track conversion rates of customers that have been referred by the marketplace application. The marketplace team can, in turn, measure global promotions performance across the whole customer base. Voucherify is also suitable to support offline stores as customers can redeem codes with the in-store mobile app (learn more).
  • Friend referrals - Referrals drive revenue, that’s a no-brainer. The hard thing though is to implement and execute a high-performance referral program without taxing your developers. Such programs should support detailed tracking and give room to experiment. And that’s exactly how we designed the referral feature in Voucherify. The cool thing too, is that you can reward your top promoters with rewards straight from voucher campaigns.
  • Email marketing - Start reinforcing your campaigns with unique codes and see how they affect open rates and, ultimately, customer engagement. Use the Voucherify MailChimp plugin to automate code distributions and harness the power of email workflows for cart abandonment or newsletter readers. 

Grant Access at Scale

Use unique vouchers to manage access to your services. 

Voucher distribution becomes difficult at scale. It’s harder to keep everyone in sync in a compliant fashion when working with dozens of campaigns and partners. Voucherify provides an enterprise grade voucher management system to take this burden off your shoulders. Gone are the days of manual syncing with external partners; the API-first approach allows you to interact with your partners in an automated and consistent way. Companies can use Voucherify to:

  • Manage and track vouchers within an affiliate program - with projects and user management features, you can use a partner network to reach out to even more end users. Each partner stays in sync with your single source or truth so you can have real-time control over your promo campaigns. Finally, detailed voucher redemption insights help you work out the best revenue sharing policy with your affiliates.
  • Give vouchers as a reward in loyalty programs - Think of the following marketing campaign: you pair up with sponsoring organizations and offer a 3-month subscription to your premium content as a reward in their loyalty programs. You get a new and stable acquisition channel and the sponsoring organization improves its loyalty program. Having Voucherify already wired into your systems, it boils down to 2 simple steps - creating a new voucher campaign and delivering it to your partner. No manual coding, no excel sending back and forth.
  • Grant access to early adopters - Voucherify helps you automate it twofold. Firstly, you can deliver access vouchers to users right away, e.g. using MailChimp. Secondly, Voucherify takes care of secure access control to your application, be it on web or mobile. Want to add more vouchers? No problem, a few clicks in the campaign manager and no coding involved. Learn more about how Doodle3D uses Voucherify to handle its Kickstarter backers.
  • Employee expenditure monitoring - Imagine you want to partner with nearby restaurants to offer your employees company compensated meals. The challenge is to track employee expenses so that you can reconcile the invoices coming in from restaurants later on. Our API and in-store mobile apps make it easy to implement and deploy this solution with your partner.