Voucherify Use-case: Loyalty award program

Business type: Premium content publishers, subscription consumer services

How to provide your premium content as a part of loyalty awards programs?

There’s a handful of ways to monetize your app. One of them sounds both effective and longstanding. However it’s often skipped because it seems not so easy to implement - loyalty programs.

Imagine a sponsoring organisation (e.g. an insurance company) that wants to reward their customers or employees with loyalty gift options. Wouldn’t it create a stable source of new leads for your app, if you could put your product into the gift basket? 

There are a few bumps on the road though: How to provide and distribute access to your premium content? How to monitor subscribers and their issues? How to measure the conversion rate of particular subscribers segments?   

This is where Voucherify comes in handy.

Think of the following marketing campaign: you offer a 3-month subscription to your premium content. Then you plan to take the chance and convert the user to a paying subscriber. To increase the odds of the campaign’s success you can pair up with a sponsoring organisation (SO). In this scenario both parties benefit - you get a new and stable acquisition channel of new readers and SO enhances its loyalty program.   


How to achieve this in Voucherify?

1.  Create a Voucherify account  - https://app.voucherify.io/#/signup

2.  Now, let’s model a new campaign. What you want to offer is a 90 days long subscription and with a cap on the number of installs. Time to use the campaign wizard.

  • Type in a campaign name, define coupons prefix e.g. sponsor-name and pick a time window when vouchers are valid.

  • Now we get to the most interesting part - the discount type. Voucherify gives you three types of discounts. In our case we should use unit and set Discount field to a number of days the subscription is valid.

  • (Optional) - you can set the redemption limit to cap the number of installs to ‘x’ devices.

3. Voucherify will generate unique promo codes within the campaign. Note: You can import already distributed vouchers into the campaign using the API or CSV upload. Once Voucherify has created the campaign, let’s integrate Voucherify with your app. Here’s the flow: 

  • A user types the code.

  • The app sends a REDEEM request.

  • And stores the length of the trial period passed in the server response.

  • Every time the app requests your premium content it first checks the date against trial length.

  • The user can redeem the code on different devices until he hits the redemption limit.

    Check out Android and iOS SDKs to make development faster.


  4.  Now you can export the codes (e.g. CSV) and deliver them to your SO.

  5.  You can watch the lifecycle of each voucher and track detailed usage statistics in the admin console or via API. 

This is it. In couple of hours you get voucher gifts implemented in your app. Now you can just focus on finding new partners to join their loyalty program!