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Yotpo Alternative – Voucherify Loyalty & Referral API  

Drop cookie-cutter solutions and switch to API-first loyalty & referral programs.

Voucherify vs. Yotpo

What features make Voucherify a Yotpo competitor? Are you having doubts about Yotpo pricing and features for your loyalty & referral programs?

Yotpo made a name for itself as a marketing platform in the space of Automated User Reviews and UGC Management. With the incorporation of Swell Rewards into their system, Yotpo started to offer loyalty and referral programs as part of their solution.

But does the Yotpo approach meet the demands of future-oriented enterprises?

Voucherify as Yotpo Competitor

Voucherify is a great alternative to Yotpo, with much more to offer.

Voucherify is not only a flexible loyalty & referral powerhouse but also an API-driven promotion engine that will cover all your promotional needs. Discounts, gift cards, referral schemes, loyalty programs, and giveaways –
all with a single (and reasonable) price tag. If you need a promotion engine covering loyalty and referrals, Voucherify is a great option. However, on the contrary to Yotpo, we are dedicated to building technologically advanced promotions, not managing customer reviews and UGC.

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    How Voucherify Features Stack Up
    Against Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals?

    Everything you need to consider when comparing Voucherify and Yotpo for growing customer loyalty.

    Loyalty & referrals for the future
    With our eyes set on the headless and API-driven future, we developed a tool that can quickly adapt to the ever-changing market challenges that enterprises face. Contrary to fixed loyalty software offered by Yotpo, a rich set of custom events, earning rules, and attributes ensure data integrity and allow for any loyalty & referral logic.

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    Your site, your rules
    We built Voucherify as an API-based back-end infrastructure for digital promotions. Unlike Yotpo, we don’t offer premade frontend solutions, such as pop-ups. With Voucherify, the integration method and the final look of your offers are up to you to decide.
    Dedicated solution
    As Yotpo Software remains primarily an Automated Reviews tool, their lack of focus on loyalty & referral programs may slow you down. We have been continuously building future-proof loyalty & referral solutions for various industries. As a bonus, you get a dedicated engine for coupons, discounts & gift cards!
    Best-in-class support
    Voucherify offers more personalized technical support, and we provide it without any delay. Get hands-on help from our solution engineers to set up and maintain your loyalty & referral programs and deliver value from day one.

    The Benefits of Voucherify
    Over Yotpo

    Loyalty & referral

    Automate your programs for multiple market scenarios and maintain them globally with data synchronization API endpoints. Configure programs via a marketer-friendly dashboard and API.

    data integrity

    Voucherify API supports programmable campaign creation and maintenance.To keep your offers safe, use user roles and approval workflows that limit access to selected users.

    integration time

    Speed up the integration with CRM and products synchronization endpoints and webhooks triggered by 50+ events. Make it even faster with  plugins to popular ecommerce, messaging, and CRM platforms.

    See how Pomelo fast-tracked their referral campaign with Voucherify & Braze.
    program conditions

    Expand loyalty & referral schemes with metafield capabilities. Create tiers and earning rules based on any attribute and action, reaching outside default dimensions such as purchase history or reviews.

    rewards suite

    Surprise users with rewards tailored to their profiles in single- and double-sided programs, including products, non-monetary incentives, and loyalty points as cash. Set different rewards and points criteria for different tiers to gamify your programs.


    Currency-agnostic & flexible API enables you to run programs with custom currency, in any country, and for any brand. Yotpo’s limited API may prevent you from rolling out new programs quickly enough.

    Ready for

    Besides offering support for loyalty & referral notifications that mark key moments in your programs’ lifecycle, we also offer native plug-ins for top messaging solutions and a built-in distribution engine with a flexible email editor.

    All Promotions With
    One Holistic Tool

    Voucherify provides dedicated solutions for every promotion type – coupons, auto-applied discounts, referrals, gift cards, loyalty programs, and giveaways. Our promotions can be stacked and extended with third-party data to create personalized customer experiences.

    • Custom attributes and validation rules that make any use case possible.
    • Detailed single customer views & customer activity dashboard.
    • Complete white-label solution and custom implementations for Enterprise clients.
    • Comprehensive analytics for tracking performance at an incredibly granular level.
    • Customizable customer cockpits that act as digital wallets.

    Boost Retention
    Without Overpaying

    Contrary to Yotpo, we don’t base our pricing on orders. We don’t want to punish you for being successful. Instead, you pay for the actual platform usage (redemptions). All to make Voucherify the right choice on your schedule.

    • Prolongable 30-day free trial with all functionalities.
    • Open documentation for marketers and developers
    • Custom SLAs for Enterprise plans.
    • All features are available in the lowest plan to let you start small and scale fast.
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    Multiple Systems

    In the enterprise context, the speed of integration depends on how quickly software engineers can understand the platform, its features, and limitations. Being a developer-friendly solution, Voucherify comes with plenty of development-oriented tools that make day-to-day integration tasks easier.

    • Multiple programming libraries & SDKs.
    • Open API Reference and documentation.
    • 20+ native integrations with your favorite martech tools.
    • Customizable UI widgets that won’t slow down your site.
    • Freedom to choose any frontend framework or distribution channel.
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    Cloud Deployment

    Achieve better application response times and overall performance by launching your loyalty & referral programs anywhere.

    In a multi-national context, separate deployments enable security and performance customization, including API throttling. Thanks to secure infrastructure, we help clients run mission-critical projects, handling millions of redemptions and hundreds of thousands of API calls per hour.

    Enterprise-focused Approach
    to Loyalty & Referrals

    Read how leading brands use Voucherify to enhance customer experience with personalized loyalty & referral solutions.

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