Demystifying Accelerators, DXC, and Pre-Composed Solutions

Discover the differences and benefits of accelerators, DXC, and pre-composed solutions and how they can be used for faster time-to-market.
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Meet the panelists:

Hosted by:
Amy Cannon
Technical Account Manager @ Voucherify
Ilya Antipin
Technology Consultant @ EPAM
Andrew Kumar
GVP @ Uniform
Anton Koval
Partner Manager @ commercetools
Clay Hobson
Solutions Engineer @ Orium
Uday Lakkoju
Global Vice President @ Valtech

Topics we covered:

Cut through the jargon
Understand the differences and best use cases for accelerators, DXC, and other pre-composed solutions
Best practices
Discover how to include accelerators in your composable journey and learn to avoid common mistakes
Real-life examples
A deep-dive into how leading brands use pre-composed solutions to drive tangible business results

Speed up time to market and make integrations easier

Whether you're navigating a greenfield project or migrating from legacy systems, this webinar cuts through the jargon so you can learn from real-world examples from top MACH practitioners.

Get up to speed on best practices for defining and delivering composable commerce architectures with experts from commercetools, Uniform, Valtech, Orium, and EPAM.

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