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An introduction

Data has the potential to be the most valuable marketing asset. To create a repeatable promotional process on top of it, you have to put scalable and well-tailored software in place. Due to the level of investment involved, few businesses can finance it. Voucherify wants to make it available to businesses of all sizes by providing a pay as you go developer-friendly platform.

Developed in Katowice, Poland

History & Future

Voucherify was born in 2016 at rspective, a pragmatic & experienced software house who helped building dozens of e-commerce, CRM & marketing automation software platforms for fast growing tech companies around the world. As for today, Voucherify has earned trust of over 200 customers and serves millions of consumers through thousands of promo campaigns.

Our mission

Voucherify's mission is to help forward-thinking companies build a scalable and affordable promotion infrastructure, enabling your success by empowering your developers.

48+ countries
10Mmonthly generated coupons
5M redemptions per month
99.9% uptime

Get to know us!

We're a team of programmers, writers, designers, tinkerers... we are also woodworkers, runners, climbers, travelers, bikers, footballers, analysts, volunteers, parents, photographers and hard workers.

Meet the team

Tom Pindel

co-founder + CEO

Leader & project manager, experienced in lean software delivery. Strives for simplicity & pragmatic approach. Enjoys football and alpine skiing.

Paweł Rychlik

co-founder + CTO

Pragmatic software ninja & pm, fan of transparent processes and simple solutions. Unstoppable snowboarder and biker.

Mike Sędzielewski

co-founder + CMO

Values individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Enjoys running, jazz and reportage.

Błażej Andraszyk

full-stack ninja + salesforce expert

Highly skilled software dev focused on usability, simplicity & continuous improvements. In free time enjoys football, volleyball and computer gaming.

Adrian Wilczek

full-stack ninja

Software enthusiast, fan of simple but efficient code. Fullstack programmer with special love for Java and Node.js. In free time jogging, sailing or skiing.

Marcin Róg

full-stack ninja + zuora.com expert

Full-stack developer with a sharp analytical mind. Focused to constantly develop his skills, and to share the knowledge with others. After hours - marathon runner and stock market wizard.

Tomasz Sikora

full-stack ninja

JavaScript/Node.js/React.js developer, DevOps culture fan. Addicted to music, almost all kind.

Michał Moczulski

full-stack ninja

Javascript developer mostly focused on backends. Solid Java background. Clean code enthusiast, likes challenges and learns new things quickly. Enjoys walks with his wife, running, biking, books and good music.

Maciek Andraszyk

full-stack ninja + zuora.com expert

Enthusiast of js / Node.js / React.js, bearing in mind C# and. Net skills, open to new technologies. Likes to deliver simple but efficient solutions and keep things organized. Enjoys board games.

Karolina Kucharska

marketing ninja

Supports developers in activities for which they have no time – mixes competence from marketing, HR, and administration. After hours – bookworm, half marathon runner and bike lover.

Łukasz Kulig

full-stack ninja

Fan of simplicity and good design. Constantly looking for new challenges and ways to improve himself. After work - big fan of Japanese culture, enjoys volleyball and gaming.

Mirosław Zawisza

full-stack + mobile ninja

Android and full-stack engineer who values clean code and tries to Keep It Simple. Loves Linux and open source. In free time he plays guitar, runs with his dogs, sails, rides horses and practices martial arts.

Paweł Widomski

full-stack + salesforce ninja

Full-stack developer, open to challenges and new technologies. After work enjoys electronics, IoT, motorcycles, and gym.

Jakub Reczko

front-end ninja

Software developer focused on front-ends. Fascinated by the possibilities of modern web dev. Privately, big enthusiast of traveling, active lifestyle, instrumental music, and spiders.

Filip Kręcichwost

full-stack ninja

Fan of JavaScript technologies, with a broad SQL experience. Likes to resolve unconventional problems. Enjoys gardening and brewing liqueurs.

Mateusz Tarnaski

full-stack ninja

Focused on web. Uses vim because he can. Thinks code should solve problems for users, not create them for developers. Hobbies: snowboard, programming, being in the present.

Jagoda Dworniczak

content ninja

Technical writer, supports developers and marketing team, looks after project documentation and blog. After hours- pharmacist, rock climber and mountains lover.

Andrzej Szmajnta

full-stack + mobile ninja

Daytime full-stack, night mobile ninja. Big cat fan. After work - books, volleyball and more programming.

Dariusz Górak

full-stack ninja

Fan of anything related to computers ever since. Loves to solve problems with suitable technology. After work, post-apocalyptic RPG game geek.

Kamil Wojciechowski

full-stack ninja

Polyglot full-stack engineer, keen on compilers, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars. Apart from computer science related stuff, particularly enjoys traveling ( hitchhiking, mountain hiking ), Muay Thai, all sorts of book genres.

Matias Bonet

partnerships development manager

Passionated about People, Technology, Sports and Business

Anna Karłowska

user experience designer

User experience and interaction designer focused on designing collaboratively useful tools. In her free time enjoys drawing mandalas, running creative workshops, and yoga.

Eddy Wilson

full-stack ninja

Multilingual person, polyglot programmer, and JavaScript/NodeJS specialist. Outside of work, enjoys watching movies, eating corn ice-cream and Chinese food.

Michał Szuścik

full-stack ninja

Full-stack developer, experienced with desktop, mobile and eventually web. Hungry for dev challenges. Likes traveling, especially in mountains. After hours guitarist, singer, runner and climber.

Marcin Ślęzak

full-stack ninja

Full-stack developer. Believes in sustainable software development, and lessons from the failure. Reads sci-fiction, loves time with family and programming in all its forms.


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