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Scalable Promotion
with Professional Support

Voucherify empowers marketers and developers with flexible 
building blocks and support to come up with, implement, and track targeted promotional campaigns.
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About Voucherify

Voucherify is a pragmatic and experienced software house that started its operations in 2013. After two years of working with clients, we have noticed that they were struggling with running promotional scenarios, lacking a holistic tool to launch, manage and report on promotions without the need to involve developers at every step of the journey.

You can see our professional services offer here.

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This is why we have created Voucherify – an affordable, all-in-one, API-first promotion management software that requires minimum developer effort to integrate and offers plenty of out-of-the-box features. Voucherify is designed to empower your marketing team to quickly launch and efficiently manage coupon and gift card promotions, giveaways, referral and loyalty programs. 

We offer a full promotional suite with end-to-end implementation support. As a software house, we can additionally support you with the integration and, if needed, custom developments on both backend and frontend. We can extend our offer further thanks to our partners’ services

Our history


Humble Beginnings

Three college friends, Tom, Pawel and Mike, set up Voucherify – a software house. Since the beginning, the company has been involved in marketing technology projects for high-growth start-ups and innovation labs for top enterprises. These experiences will become the catalyst for the creation of Voucherify Promotion Engine.


New Product Idea

Voucherify Promotion Engine is born as an answer to our clients' needs – most of whom were lacking a holistic promotion management tool. Since day one, we've been collecting crucial experience in working on marketing technology solutions for innovative start-ups and projects.


New Office

We move to the new office in the old Porcelain Factory in Katowice, Poland. We invest in a team, constantly look for new clients and develop the platform. It is a time of a crucial decision-making of what we want Voucherify to become and coming up with features that will satisfy even the most complex enterprise-grade requirements.



There are more and more moments that call for celebration. Starting from a scalable coupon solution, we now support plenty of other promotional workflows. We serve more than 100 clients from all over the world and expand Voucherify to support more complex incentives like loyalty programs and referrals. All that while keeping developer-friendliness at the heart of Voucherify.


MACH Alliance

We join MACH Alliance aiming to guide and show how businesses can benefit from open tech ecosystems that are Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS, and Headless.


What future holds

Voucherify has earned the trust of over 250 customers and serves millions of consumers through thousands of promotional campaigns. But that's not the end of our journey. We continuously work on delivering the highest-quality promotion management software that supports a multitude of workflows with giveaways being the latest addition to our stack.


Why e-commerce leaders choose Voucherify?

Founders of Voucherify

Tom Pindel
Co-founder, CEO
Paweł Rychlik
Co-founder, CTO
Mike Sędzielewski
Co-founder, CMO

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