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15+ sales promotion examples

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Best practices for B2B rebates and incentives

Creating value from B2B rebates and incentives: incentive compensation software, ROI tracking, promotion personalization.

Unique promo codes in cross-channel Braze experience

What if I tell you that Braze can send unique coupon codes and gift cards in your multi-channel messages? All great opportunities delivered to you by Braze go even farther now and offer personalized promotions run via every connected channel.

Strikethroughs, Reference Pricing, and the Allure of the Deal

With relatively few exceptions, sales events are very important in retail. The reason is obvious: people love to get good deals. Or at least they love to feel like they are getting good deals.

Uber-style referral program with Voucherify

Take an in-depth look into the Uber referral program mechanics and learn how to implement a similar one with Voucherify API.

Leverage your subscription business with the right promotional strategy

Promotions relevant for subscription business: loyalty, referral programs, flash sales, unique promo codes, gift cards. Promotion ideas for SaaS, PaaS.

99% of e-tailers aren’t tapping into the full power of demographic data

How to use demographic data for your marketing strategy? Targeting your customers based on psychology, behavior, identity explained.

Understanding API-Based Platforms: A Guide For Product Managers

How to build the right digital product? Data-driven approach, API -based platforms - the key to the right platform strategy. API-based platforms basics explained.

How to measure micro- and nano-influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer strategy - how to track the ROI from your influencer campaign with unique coupons; which influencers to work with - nano or micro influencers?

The Licensing Effect: A rarely used tactic to get your visitors to splurge

The licensing effect - how to encourage your customers to splurge? Use the power of behavioral marketing (shopper psychology) and reciprocity for your e-commerce strategy.

Field-tested Happy Hours marketing ideas that will boost your sales

Happy hours for retail and service business - how to use flash sales for your business? Step-by-step happy hours strategy and inspirations.

Go beyond Headless CMS - meet Headless Commerce

Upgrade your commerce from headless CMS to headless e-commerce. Transform your static or dynamic site to gain more flexibility and an omni-channel approach!

Personalized promo campaigns convert

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