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Sales promotion examples

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99% of e-tailers aren’t tapping into the full power of demographic data

In this post, I want to explore an unorthodox way of making demographic-based advertising more effective using some well established behavioral economic and psychological findings.

Understanding API-Based Platforms: A Guide For Product Managers

API-based solutions are becoming a critical building block of modern digital products. What are they? How can they impact your design process? Finally, how to evaluate them without bothering your software team?

How to measure micro- and nano-influencer marketing campaigns

With the boost of influencers in the market, people (and companies) often forget what the influence really means. In the last few years the influence was simply measured by the number of followers one had: the more, the better.

The Licensing Effect: A rarely used tactic to get your visitors to splurge

"Licensing Effect”, a phenomenon that can shed light on behaviors ranging from everyday human hypocrisy, to why people are so tempted to cheat on their diets. And as it turns out, it is an incredibly powerful motivator for consumers everywhere.‍

Field-tested Happy Hours ideas that will boost your sales

In this article, we’ll go through some 'happy hours' inspiration from various industries and learn the main steps of profitable 'happy hour' promotion setup.

Go beyond Headless CMS - meet Headless Commerce

You found out about Headless CMS, you loved it, and you’re pushing it forward in your organization, right? After all, no modern customer-facing product can grow without the flexibility given by API-first tools. Faster go-to-market, full omni-channel approach, easier customer journey personalization — that’s too many gains to ignore this trending approach. What if I told you that you can get the same results in other parts of the e-commerce ecosystem? Meet Headless Commerce.

The dark side of the product bundling

Netflix, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Amazon… the list of market giants offering bundles has no end. All these brands and retailers need to face up the challenge of personalization which is critical for successive product bundling today. Are you ready to chase the giants and make the most of personalized bundles? Read on and learn how to fasten sales in time.

Here’s the secret of efficient referral programs

Do you know that personalized referral marketing generates 3-5x higher conversion rates than any other channels? Sure you do. But do you know how to build a truly personalized referral program? Or, how to measure the success of your referral marketing personalization efforts? Read on to find the answer.

How to create a referral program that works

This infographic shows three techniques for upgrading your referral marketing and turning more recommendations into conversion growth.

Do you want to make personalized promotions? Try Voucherify!

Personalized promo campaigns convert

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