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Coupon Codes Generator – How to Use it in Promotional Campaigns?
Mike Sedzielewski
Mike Sedzielewski
July 11, 2022
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Coupon Codes Generator – How to Use it in Promotional Campaigns?

A promotional codes generator lets you create unique sequences of characters (numbers and letters) and use them in your marketing efforts! Here are some ideas on how to implement unique voucher codes into your promotional strategy.



Sign up & get a coupon

Offer promo codes to newly registered users. It would encourage more people to sign up for your newsletter, fill out the form on your site, or create an account in your eCommerce store.

X% off your first purchase or next purchase

Offer an incentive for registered users, who didn’t make their first purchase yet. You can also use the next time discount as a reward for previous purchases. What's more, if you're eager to establish a long-term relationship with your customers, you can create a loyalty program in which clients would collect points after every purchase and get a permanent discount in exchange.

Re-engagement campaigns

Say to your customers that you miss them! Create re-engaging campaigns using discount coupons to invite those who haven’t visited your website for a few months to come back. Send the code via email or publish it on social media to make sure you'll reach your target.

"Thank you for being with us" offers

Offer loyalty vouchers for your regular customers to foster good relations and increase customer retention. Companies tend to focus heavily on acquiring new customers, while almost completely forgetting about their "old" ones. Break with this not-very-nice tradition and create special discount or free shipping coupons to let your long-term customers know that you notice and care about them.

Holidays/season coupons 

Celebrate special events, such as Christmas, Easter, or Black Friday with creative and relevant discounts. Create a single, global code – such as BLCKFRD2022 – or generate unique codes to make sure that they get into the right hands. Check out our post on seasonal promotions to get some inspiration.

Share & save coupons

Give coupons to those who follow, like, or share your page to increase engagement and build a devoted customer base.

Abandoned carts 

Use coupons to bring back people who didn’t finish shopping. There can be hundreds of reasons why they added some items to the cart and then left them hanging. Either they found a better offer somewhere else (that's the worst-case scenario), they aren't really convinced to buy, or they're just checking prices and products. In any case, an abandoned cart does not mean lost cause – run a campaign to win customers back! Don't know how to create your cart abandonment promotion? Read our guide to find out!

Referral programs

Referral programs require referral links. Referral links consist of unique referral codes. Give your customers an opportunity to spread the word about your brand and to bring their friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to your store. Offer them rewards for every new client they'd refer. Don't forget to reward the newcomers as well.

Happy birthday or anniversary deals

The more information about customers you have, the more personalized coupon you can offer. Make sure that your eCommerce tool allows gathering more information about your customers than a mere name and e-mail address. Add the date of birth, registration date, address, age, and so on. You can use all the information in the future to build personalized coupons around them.

Free shipping 

Free delivery works great as an incentive to buy more – you can generate unique codes to send out free shipping as a gift for specific customers or any group of clients – it can be a birthday bonus or a way to say "thank you" for shopping regularly.

Gift cards

Digital gift cards can usually be charged a pre-paid amount of money that the customer can spend in your store. Use the codes to build a gift cards campaign – you can also use gift cards as a way to provide customers with quick refunds.

Promotions for a specific item

Associate a coupon code with a specific item from your store's assortment to make it discounted or free for the code owner. In Voucherify, there are three ways to do so:

  • You can assign a 100% discount to a specific item – the code would work only if this particular product is in the cart;
  • Add a unit discount – if the requirements of the order are met, typing in a coupon code would add a product – already discounted – to the cart;
  • Create a fixed discount – if the requirements of the order are met, the value of the item would change to $0.00.

These are just a few ideas of using vouchers to increase your customer base and build their loyalty in the long run. Let’s see how the Voucherify coupon codes generator will help you create unique coupons for free.

How does the code generator work?

Generating unique (random) codes is simple and fast. You can create discount coupons consisting of unlimited numbers and letters. The generator allows you to add prefixes and suffixes to easily identify your specific campaign codes (for example: you are able to create a SUMMER0000000 code, where the word "SUMMER" remains the same, but numbers under "0" are generated randomly). To create a unique sequence of characters for your campaign, go to our Generator.

Type in the number of codes you want to generate, customize a single code length and then push the 'Generate' button. Your codes are immediately ready. There are also some more advanced options. For example, you can customize code prefix, postfix, pattern and character set. Once you generate the desired set of coupon codes, you can copy them to your clipboard or export them to a .xls file.

On top of that, we've got code template examples you tap into for your use case. Voucherify promo code generator is and will be one hundred percent free and ready to use anytime. Create an unlimited amount of codes for your business and use them any way you want.


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