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How can you use promo codes generator in your marketing campaigns?

Jul 20, 2018

Promo codes are an effective and creative way to boost customer engagement. In the first part of this post we’ll review some ideas of coupons in marketing campaigns. Next we’ll show how to generate unique promo codes for free using our generator. So let’s dive in.

  • Sign up & get coupon - promo codes for new registered users. It would encourage more people to sign up.
  • X % off your first purchase -  incentive for registered users, who didn’t made first purchase yet.
  • X % off your next purchase - next time discount as a reward for previous purchase.
  • We miss you! Re-engaging coupons to invite those who haven’t visited for few months to come back.
  • Thank you for being with us - loyalty vouchers  for your regular customers.
  • Holidays/season coupons - e.g. Christmas, Easter, Black Friday discount.
  • Share & save - coupons for those who like or share your page.
  • Abandoned carts - use coupons to bring back people who didn’t finish their shopping.

  • Friends refer friends - coupons that your customers can share with their friends to get discount.

  • Happy birthday! The more information about customer you have, the more personalized coupon you can offer.
  • Free shipping - as an incentive to buy more.

  • Gift card - a pre-paid amount that the customer can spend in your store.

These are a few ideas to use vouchers to increase your customer vase and build their loyalty in the long run. And now let’s see how the generator will help you create unique coupons for free.


Generating codes is simple and fast. Go to the generator site:

Put the amount of codes, customize a single code length and then push generate button.

Your codes are ready immediately.

We have also some advanced options. E.g. you can customize:

code prefix,postfix,patternand character set.

On top of that we have code template examples you tap into for your use case.

Our promo code generator is totally free and ready to use. Leave a comment below, if you have any ideas for improvements!


If you seek a comprehensive tool for a coupon campaigns distribution and tracking, you might want to check out Voucherify.

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