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Sell More With Product Bundling Software

Create smart & flexible product bundles with an API-first Product Bundling Software.
Mock of an ecommerce with a web banner promotion

Make the best offer with automatic product bundling

Money icon – increase order size
Increase average order value
Offer any product combination 
to encourage customers 
to buy more.
Products icon – easier inventory management
Custom product bundles
Create automated bundles based on any attribute such as collection, color, or series.
piggy bank icok – save time and money with automated bundles
Save time on development
Stop hard-coding your bundles. Spare developers a headache of coding product combinations from scratch.

Maximize upselling potential with our product bundling solution

Encourage customers to buy more by selling dynamic and customizable product bundles simply too good to overlook.
  1. Base bundles on multiple attributes, including prices, collections, and orders.
  2. Introduce limits and tiers to make your bundles more engaging.
  3. Target segments with bundles that resonate best with a given audience.
  4. Combine product bundles with other incentives like coupons or gift cards.
UI shot of a discount coupon builder
Promotion mock with a message about a promotion

Design multiple ways product bundles can play out

Offer product bundles as auto-applied cart promotions, personalized unique codes, or public voucher codes. Quickly model the discount effect your product bundles carry – sell product bundles at a fixed price or discount only specific items.

Bundle anything with API-driven bundling software

Product icon – same category bundles
Same category bundles
Sell products from the same category at a discounted price.
Cross-selling icon
Complement orders with related products.
Offer extras (e.g., product training) to increase your service usage.
BOGO bundles
Move stagnant inventory and offer free items in your product bundles.
Progressive product bundles
Incentivize bigger orders with progressively increasing bundle discounts.
Mix and match
Allow customers to create their own bundles from a prepared product list.


Learn more

Enjoy customized onboarding,
strategy consulting, and technical guidance

Use enterprise-grade, dedicated infrastructure

99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support

Launch mission-critical projects with a secure, GDPR- and CCPA-ready platform

Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows

Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies

Implement customizable IP restrictions and SAML authentication

Get security reporting and data encryption out-of-the-box

Take hard work out of bundling

Use developer-friendly building blocks to deliver even the most complex product bundles and take back control over your inventory.
  1. Use product attributes and collections instead of listing product ids to build bundles.
  2. Introduce product information as metadata to build custom bundles.
  3. Leverage built-in delivery mechanisms to notify customers about your product bundles.
  4. Integrate Voucherify using multiple SDKs for all major programming languages.
For Developers
UI shot of product collections builder

Use the best-in-class product bundling software

Code snippet with create promotion API call
Promotion mock with a BOGO promo message
Code snipper with redeem promotion tier API request
Checkout mock with an auto-applied discount
Code snippet with publication API request
Promotion mock with a special bundling offer
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Arrow pointing right

Reduce the complexity behind product bundling

Any product combination
Our product bundling software supports dozens of business rules available both via API and the Dashboard.
A/B test bundles
Schedule multiple product bundling experiments to figure out the optimal promotion strategy.
Analyze performance
Track how product bundles influence shopper behavior.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, instead focus on growing your customer base