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All-In-One Customer Loyalty Software

Drive quality engagement with API-first customer loyalty software.

The Complete Customer Loyalty Software Solution

Enroll  Loyalty Members
Use any digital touchpoint to entice regulars to join your 100% customizable loyalty program. With headless architecture, you can plug Voucherify into any system and work on your loyalty program without wreaking havoc in your stack.
Engage and Increase Repeat Visits
Send automatic loyalty notifications to keep your brand top of mind. Set loyalty rules not just on spending but tie rewards into actions you are promoting to your loyal customers.
Reward Loyalty
Use unique attributes to personalize loyalty rewards. Use loyalty tiers to provide unique privileged rewards to your most valued customers while using targeted incentives to encourage casual customers to become regulars.

Flexible Loyalty Management Software

Build a base of dedicated customers by launching highly-personalized loyalty programs. Choose loyalty criteria, tiers, and rewards that are relevant to your business. Enjoy custom fields (metadata) to support unique scenarios not available by default. Base your loyalty programs on attributes such as payment methods, membership levels, unique preferences, or events that shape the way you run your business.

  • Use flexible loyalty rewards and surprise your users with rewards tailored to their profiles, including products, discount coupons, and gift cards.
  • Split loyalty members into segments and tiers to target the right audience with relevant loyalty incentives.
  • Entice customers to perform actions like referring a new customer, joining a newsletter, and much more. Reward any custom event you want.
  • Assign a fixed or proportional number of points for customers' activities. Use any loyalty currency you want!
  • Build a white label loyalty program that reflects your brand guidelines 1:1 with extensive branding capabilties.
  • Match the reward format to the channel with alphanumeric, barcode, and QR promo codes of the desired length. Customize the code pattern to reflect your loyalty messaging.
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Combine All Promotions With Single Customer Loyalty Software 

Discounts & gift cards as loyalty rewards
Referral program infographic
Reward referrals with loyalty points
Build automatic promotions available only to VIP customers
Bundles Infographic
Define allowed and forbidden discount combination
Loyalty Program Infographic
Let customers pay with loyalty points for their orders
Allow customers to collect loyalty currency in digital wallets.
Giveaways infographic
Offer loyalty members free participation in attractive giveaways and contests

Loyalty Software That Keeps Your Brand Top of Mind

Members will receive automated messages when they earn points or rewards, keeping them excited about your program. Our loyalty system will trigger event-based and geo-based messages, rewarding your customers’ desired behavior and reaching them with contextual and personalized loyalty notifications.

  • Compose loyalty messages with a built-in email designer or communication provider of your choice.
  • Deliver loyalty rewards automatically via email, SMS, push notifications, or other channels thanks to powerful API and webhooks.
  • Create stunning landing pages or integrate our ready-to-go widgets into your existing pages to generate more buzz around your loyalty program.
  • Set up automatic reminders if loyalty points are close to expiration to increase the urgency of your offers.
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Build Lasting Loyalty with API-first Software

Keep Loyalty Budget Under Control

Loyalty programs management at an incredibly granular level. Use audit and HTTP logs to smoothly organize work for all members of the marketing and development team involved in the process of launching your desired loyalty program.

  • Set up the expiry date of your loyalty incentives and deactivate codes on the fly.
  • Use custom fields (metadata) to support unique scenarios not available by default.
  • Identify suspicious loyalty activity with built-in anti-fraud mechanisms.
  • Control the number of points awarded for each loyalty activity and set up caps on how many times members can receive points for performing custom events.

Customer Loyalty Software That Lets Your Gain Real-time Insights

Gain insight into customers' engagements and how they interact with your loyalty program.  Come up with new solutions in real-time to drive stable customer loyalty.

  • Track your loyalty performance through various metrics like leaderboards or campaign performance.
  • Track customer purchases, personal attributes, and their activity on your website/app.
  • Test several loyalty scenarios in A/B experiments to find an optimal customer loyalty strategy.
  • Monitor customer data and loyalty activity via a marketer-friendly UI.
  • Merge your data to understand your customers holistically with BI tools export options.
  • Use different views to manage customer loyalty on a granular and high-level at the same time.

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See how Voucherify helps save time on development and create multi-tiered loyalty programs in minutes. What you will learn:

  • What concepts do you need to understand to run successful loyalty programs?
  • Demo of a complex loyalty use case perfomed live on the Voucherify Dashboard and our Demo Shop.
  • How to track your programs’ performance and tailor it to achieve the biggest ROI and boost brand loyalty?
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