Loyalty program software without limits

Drive quality engagement with an endlessly scalable loyalty solution.
Illustration showing a loyalty cockpit with available rewards and earning rules.

Over 300 enterprises trust Voucherify

Enrol loyalty members via any touchpoint
Enrol new members
Use any touchpoint to entice regulars to join your program. Plug Voucherify loyalty platform into any system without wreaking havoc in your stack.
Trigger loyalty notifications via any channel
Reward engagement
Use unique attributes to personalize loyalty rewards that increase with each tier.
Integrate your loyalty program with the tools you already use
Ensure lasting brand loyalty
Create meaningful & omnichannel communication with out-of-the-box integrations.

Build data-driven loyalty interactions in weeks, not months

Our retention platform is flexible and modular, allowing your team to use our building blocks with minimum upfront integration and slowly connect them to different touchpoints and systems as you grow.

Thanks to our elastic approach, you can select any program criteria, tiers, and rewards. Feel free to extend standard loyalty mechanisms with custom data, currency, attributes, and events that shape the way you run your business.
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Code snippet of the API call to create loyalty program.
UI shot of the loyalty program builder with points and tiers mapping.

Reward meaningful engagement

Increase customer lifetime value (CLV) by letting them earn points for any activity – from purchases to reviews and referrals. 
  1. Making orders & purchasing selected items. 
  2. Referring new customers.
  3. Sharing personal data.
  4. Filling out surveys & writing product reviews.
  5. Visiting your brick-and-mortar stores & participating in events.
  6. Following & sharing on social media.
  7. Any other event important to you.

Build a loyalty program you have always wanted

Run standard point-based programs
Point-based programs where customers earn any custom currency
Offer unique experiences as rewards
Experience programs where you focus on special services instead of material rewards
Nurture long-term loyalty with frequency reward programs
Frequency loyalty schemes where every X purchases customers gain rewards
Run cashback loyalty programs
Cashback programs where customers get cashback that can be spent on future purchases
Split programs into gamified tiers
Tiered reward schemes & gamified rewards programs with levels
Offer exclusive rewards and membership perks
VIP rewards programs with exclusive rewards
Build paid-only loyalty programs
Fee-based loyalty programs where customers have to pay to enroll
Cooperate with partners to develop customer loyalty
Partner loyalty programs for your dealers, retailers, or partner companies

Give members what they want

Surprise members with prizes tailored to their profiles. Use any reward type – from custom currency through products to experiences. Our loyalty software lets you gamify the reward mechanics with tier-based rewards with different point multipliers. Let customers redeem points for awesome rewards like:
  1. All types of discounts – percentage, amount, unit, and fixed amount.
  2. Free or discounted shipping.
  3. Product rewards & free samples.
  4. Gift cards & automatic discounts.
  5. Free entry to giveaways and contests
  6. Preferential treatment & invites to special events and sales.
  7. Loyalty points as cash.
UI shot of rewards builder.
UI shot of the landing pages builder.

Stay on-brand with our fully white-label loyalty software

Ditch frontend with limited customization capabilities that requires changes in the whole loyalty module. Instead, create a loyalty program with no limitations in branding. And don’t worry about troublesome implementation – our elastic API and SDKs make it easy to implement your frontend design and concentrate on consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

Keep members in the loop

To keep your community engaged, our loyalty software will trigger event- and geo-based messages, rewarding your customers’ desired behavior and reaching them with contextual  notifications at the right time.
Illustration of a loyalty cockpit with a message informing user about new loyalty tier.

Complete your stack with next-gen loyalty software 

Voucherify provides plenty of built-in integrations that can connect your existing toolkit with loyalty campaigns in a couple of clicks.
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Illustration of Voucherify logo surrounded by logo from integration partners, including Braze, Segment, and MailChimp
UI shot of the validation rules based on budget constraints for a loyalty program.

Leave loyalty management to marketing 

Build advanced limits at an incredibly granular level. Identify suspicious loyalty activity with anti-fraud mechanisms and deactivate loyalty profiles on the fly in the case of shady behavior. All of that is possible straight from the marketer-friendly dashboard, no custom code needed. 

UI shot of the top 5 rewards and loyalty members list.

Optimize every detail with an intuitive dashboard

Gain insight into customer engagement and how they interact with your loyalty program to come up with new solutions to drive stable customer loyalty. See both the investment and value generated from your loyalty campaigns for measurable loyalty ROI.
  1. Check individual metrics within the 360-degree customer profile view.
  2. Merge data to understand customers holistically with BI tools export options.
  3. Use different views to manage customer loyalty on a granular or high level.

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99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support

Launch mission-critical projects with a secure, GDPR- and CCPA-ready platform

Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows

Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies

Implement customizable IP restrictions and SAML authentication

Get security reporting and data encryption out-of-the-box

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Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, instead focus on growing your customer base