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Voucherify support

Common questions and support documentation


Voucherify documentation

Learn how to interact with Voucherify through code



Import tool

Import legacy codes to manage all promotions in one system. The graphical tool will help you map historical properties into a new scheme. Just upload the CSV file and the import tool will guide you.

Export tool

Similarly, you can export your campaigns to a CSV file. The export tool will give the ability to select only the properties you’re interested in.

Create campaigns programmatically

Every promotion can be created in 2 ways. With the dashboard or the API. The latter allows you to create new campaigns dynamically and manage their state programmatically too.


Email / SMS

With the distribution engine you can send coupons to customers with email or SMS. Our API makes it easy to use any email service provider.

On top of that, we’ve prepared plugins for popular email and SMS providers like: Mandrill, SendGrid, Twilio and CM Telecom which make integration even faster.

You provide your API keys and Voucherify will start pushing out emails and SMS using your accounts.


MailChimp - as one of the most popular marketing tools, MailChimp has a special place on our integration bench. Our connector allows you to tap into many MC strengths, including:

  • Merge tags - assign unique coupons to MailChimp members through the merge field system
  • Sync list dynamically - build segments on top of lists imported automatically from MailChimp


Looking for a fast way to sell your gift cards? Look no more! With our Shopify integration, you can offer specific gift card codes straight from Voucherify’s campaigns. Just connect your shop domain, and Voucherify will do the rest. Once a customer purchases one of your gift cards, Voucherify will automatically deliver it via a nice looking and customizable email. You can offer multiple gift cards with different value and expiration dates. Finally, you will be able to watch their performance in the Dashboard.


If you use Intercom to engage your customers, we have good news for you. Voucherify provides a full integration with Intercom People & Engage modules. First of all, you can deliver unique coupon codes through both the live chat window and via email. Second, Voucherify syncs customer details & events so your promo campaigns will be always contextual and more personalized.

Landing Pages

Voucherify can generate and display unique coupon code on your landing pages. More importantly, after a coupon code from a campaign has been seen by a user, it’s removed from the pool so that it won’t be shown ever again. This is how you make sure each of your customers gets a personal code and reduce overall coupon misuse. Our API makes it easy to connect it to any website or landing page generators such as Squarespace, Unbounce, Wix, and more.

System integration


Sync your customers

Every time a new customer is added to your Salesforce instance, it automatically appears in Voucherify too. In this way, you ensure your coupon campaigns reach literally every customer you’ve acquired. It’s you who decides which customer details you want to share with Voucherify, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive data.

Order history (Coming soon)

Import customer orders and get access to promotion campaigns based on the purchase history, e.g. if Tom hasn’t bought in the last 3 months, send him a re-engagement coupon or, if Jane completed her 10th order, send her a loyalty gift card.

Push promotion data back to your CRM (Coming soon)

Voucherify allows you to store redemption history in Salesforce accounts. This enables your support team to see recent promotion activity along with other key events in the customer lifecycle. It might also be helpful to build marketing and sales reports showing the coupon campaign influence on the conversion rate.

Wordpress / Woocomerce

Seamlessly Plug Voucherify into your store and open up your team for new promotion tactics. Have your customer list synced to Voucherify. Build coupon campaigns dedicated to customer segments and automatically send the codes to registered email addresses.

Enable orders syncing to start new types of promotions based on purchase history. Use it to drive revenue through re-engagement email and SMS campaigns.


Sign up for a beta integration with Magento and: 

  • Empower your coupon campaigns with more advanced promotion scenarios.
  • ‍Ensure superb redemption experience with an on-page coupon validation widget.
  • ‍Engage more customers with personalized deals delivered by email, SMS, or push notifications.



Notify me when a new redemption occurs
If you want to be kept informed about redemptions in real-time, you can set up a zap that will send you a message with the redemption details. To make things better, you can choose what kind of redemption status should trigger the email, e.g. you might want to be informed only about failed redemptions.


Send a group notification in case of a failed redemption.

Very similar to the email integration above; If your primary collaboration tool is slack, you can use the zapier integration to display redemption events in one of your chats


Webhooks & Zapier

Thanks to a configurable webhooks mechanism, Voucherify gets along great with Zapier.

Build a zap and connect Vouchers to any system you want.

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