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Make customer data easy to manage and a pleasure to use with Segment

How Segment works?

Segment is a customer data infrastructure (CDI) powered by a robust API. Segment users can collect, analyze, and transfer customer data with ease. What is unique about Segment? It makes the cross-platform data synchronization easier than ever before with simple API and over 300 integrated services. 

How to make the most of Voucherify and Segment?

Personalized promotions are something that customers expect. The integration between Voucherify and Segment works in outbound and inbound models allowing brands to use Voucherify as both the Destination and Source of customer data. 

The outbound integration provides a continuous flow of customer data from Segment to Voucherify. Here are key actions that you can take to build data-driven campaigns:

  1. Create custom events in Voucherify – you can pass three events from Segment to Voucherify: Track, Page and Screen. Each event will be saved as a new custom event in Voucherify. You can use them to segment your audience and create validation rules or reward-trigger actions in your loyalty and referral programs. 
  2. Create or update customers in Voucherify – by sending an Identify event from Segment, new customers can be created and updated in Voucherify – giving you up-to-date customer information to personalize campaigns. 
  3. Group customers – by sending the Group event, you can let Voucherify know that a customer belongs to a specific user group. This information will be saved as customer metadata to filter and segment users in Voucherify. 

The inbound integration supports the flow of data the other way around – from Voucherify to Segment. The integration supports the following events to be sent out of the box:

  • Redemption events (successful, failed, rolled back).
  • Validation events (only if connected with any customer).
  • Code publication. 
  • Customer reward events.

Thanks to the integration of Voucherify and Segment and its robust API, your brands can quickly transfer customer data from Segment to Voucherify and the other way around. Now, the development team doesn’t have to create a separate app for customer data synchronisation, as it comes out of the box with this integration. The new connector gives data-driven teams access to a single source of truth about customers which in turn results in much more effective and targeted incentives and rewards.

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.