Targeted campaigns for acquisition & retention

Frictionless checkout & redemption experience

Customer-facing promotion channels

Make the right offer at the right time

Leverage your data to trigger contextual discounts that convert

Launch dynamic promotions

Combine multiple customer’s shopping attributes, including products, order amount, purchase history, and custom attributes to offer personalized deals at the right time. Our discount management software supports dozens of business rules available both in the API and the marketer dashboard. See discounts examples.

A/B test discount campaigns

Schedule multiple discount experiments to figure out what is the optimal discount strategy. Use our discount API to control your campaigns with various timing- and pricing rules. Introduce limits and tiers to make your promotions scalable for your business and engaging to your customers.

Analyze discount performance

Track how the auto-applied discounts influence shopper behavior. Use our analytics dashboard to reveal product and customer trends. Download detailed logs of the discount activity for further analysis with business intelligence tools.

Develop an effective rebate policy
for customer acquisition and retention

Launch dozens of volume- and category-based discount scenarios targeted at any segment

Leverage order history to offer amount/percentage rewards for clients who are the most precious to your brand - 5th purchase 50% off and 10th order 1 product from the card for free.

Create different types of promotions to test what works best amongst different segments, e.g. Buy one product X and get one free, buy one product X and get $10 off product Y.

Offer free shipping to customers at specific locations who purchase at least 2 items with a total order amount of more than $100.

In case of abandoned carts, display their value with auto-applied discounts. Use a short-time offer to create a sense of urgency and make people come back to finish their order.

Use amount/percentage discount and unique rules to run product-specific campaigns, e.g. 15% off for a specific brand a week before Black Friday.

Launch flash-sales with short-time discounts to drive customers into spending mode and drive conversions, e.g. 5% discount for customers who register in the next 24h.

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, focus on growing your customer base
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