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Automatic Discounts Software With Unlimited Personalization

Meet the new standard for promotion marketing and apply discounts automatically when customers meet promotion conditions using Voucherify Automatic Discounts Software.
Illustration of the cart promotion wizard

All automatic cart promotions managed by
end-to-end promotion software

Cart icon – increase order size with cart promotions
Increase average order size
Offer attractive up-selling and cross-selling promotions to encourage shoppers to add more products to the basket.
Target icon – run data-based discounts
Data-driven discounts
Save promotion budget with targeted promotions and complex discount redemption rules.
Chart icon – trackable automatic discounts
Track promotion ROI
Gain critical insights into how your campaign is doing and base your next marketing move on hard data.

Launch any type of automatic discount with a single promotion management tool

Give developers a break and create automatic promotions in a couple of clicks using an intuitive dashboard and top-tier discount management API. Choose from a wide range of promotion types and achieve unlimited customization for automatic cart-level discounts. 
  1. Percentage & amount discounts (multi-currency support).
  2. Free shipping & products.
  3. Fixed discount amount on specific orders or products.
  4. Attractive product bundles & creative BOGO promotions.
  5. Automatic promotions with multiple tiers and discount hierarchy.
  6. Time-limited promotions with short expiration dates set on the level of the campaign or individual tiers. 
  7. Discount for specific, some, or only one product in the cart.
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UI shot of the cart discount and a website mock with a discount applied automatically
UI shot of the validation rules builder

Target automatic discounts based on any data

Introduce limits and tiers to make your automatic promotions both engaging to customers and scalable for your business. Target cart promotions based on:
  1. Order volume & value.
  2. Cart content & order history.
  3. Customer segment or loyalty tier.
  4. Customer geolocation & device.
  5. Specific stores & affiliates.
  6. Any other custom sales data provided through custom fields (metadata).

Ensure exceptional customer experience with auto-applied discounts

Our promotion software tracks your visitors and validates cart structure against pre-set promotion rules. When an eligible customer proceeds to checkout, the discount is applied automatically, without a need for a coupon code – smooth and easy!
  1. Use dynamic price widgets to show customers how much they can save.
  2. Offer automatic promotions to customers who abandoned their carts to incentivize them to finish the purchase.
  3. Allow customers to stack and combine multiple promotion tiers and discounts.
  4. Create clever product combinations to supercharge up-selling and cross-selling strategies.
Ui shot of the redemption log with a promotion mock
UI mock of the redemption summary view

Track and analyze automatic cart promotions

Track the promotion performance and see 360-degree customer profiles straight in the dashboard. Monitor how the auto-applied discounts influence shopper behavior. Use analytics dashboard to reveal product and customer trends:
  1. The total number of promotion redemptions.
  2. The total value of customers’ orders associated with a specific promotion and discount. 
  3. Total discounted amount.
  4. Failed and successful redemptions accompanied by technical logs. 
  5. Redemptions made by a specific date, channels, stores, or affiliates. 

Launch hundreds of automatic discount scenarios
with top-tier promotion software

Code snippet with create bundle API call
Promotion mock with a mobile message about a free water bottle
Code snippet with validation API request
UI mock with the promotion applied
Code snippet with the list tiers API request
Promotion mock with a customer cockpit and available promotions
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