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How iBood manages over 3000 campaigns with Voucherify?

How iBood manages over 3000 campaigns with Voucherify?


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

4000000 running unique promo codes


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

5%+ higher conversion rates across brands and locations


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

3000+ concurrent campaigns managed with no IT involvement
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How iBood manages over 3000 campaigns with Voucherify?
Amsterdam, Netherlands
50-200 employees
Tech Stack
Custom ecommerce engine, Android, iOS, Insider
Talking to:
Friso van der Kamp, Campaign Manager
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With millions of online customers and $136.8 million in revenue, iBOOD is one of Europe’s biggest "Internet's Best Online Offer Daily" providers, offering luxury goods deals to its European community every midnight. Operating in seven countries, iBOOD covers a range of products, from consumer electronics to home & living.

Key challenges

  • Driving customer retention and brand awareness.
  • Creating fraud-proof coupons.
  • Managing concurrent promotions in 7 countries and across brands.

Manual and fraud-prone discounting processes

Before joining forces with Voucherify, iBOOD was facing plenty of promotion-related challenges daily. iBOOD experimented with launching several coupon campaigns in parallel, with thousands of coupon codes to maintain. In consequence, updating shop software to accept valid coupons and drop expired ones required lengthy cooperation between marketing, operations, and development teams across locations.

Another problem was that the generic coupons often ended up posted on online deal communities. To control the promotional budget and counteract coupon misuse, the iBOOD team wanted to limit some of the discounts to new customers only

To address the above challenges, iBOOD opted for Voucherify as their promotions and loyalty partner. Leveraging Voucherify's unique coupon code generator and Rules Engine, iBOOD successfully executed promotional campaigns across diverse marketing channels, including coupon deals aggregators, emails, partners, social media, and referral programs.

“Voucherify lets us launch a variety of campaigns, e.g. birthday campaigns, re-activation campaigns, welcome campaigns, specific product category/brand campaigns, and more. The overall goal is sales/conversion, more specifically: to re-engage customers or to help them with their first purchase.”
Example of iBood's in-app and flash sales promotions

Driving revenue with fraud-proof coupon campaigns

iBOOD placed a strong emphasis on precise tracking and control of unique promo codes. Unlike generic codes, unique coupons offer easier tracking, both in terms of channels and locations, limiting their susceptibility to fraud. 

Moreover, the dynamic customer segmentation capability offered by Voucherify enables the iBOOD team to create more personalized campaigns targeted at specific groups. Additionally, in case of any issues with a campaign, iBOOD's team can swiftly disable any coupon code with a single click.

This would not be possible without Voucherify’s tight integration with iBOOD’s ecommerce platform. Thanks to powerful API as well as other building blocks, their development team was able to connect coupon validation and tracking within days

iBOOD: Validate coupon code at checkout

This configuration empowers iBOOD to efficiently scale their promotional efforts while managing costs as they expand their multinational presence. Voucherify provides a user-friendly interface, enabling marketing teams to create campaigns on their own – they use the Campaign Manager to define promotional rules and restrictions, such as:

  • Discount type, value & effect.
  • Start and expiration date & other validity timeframes.
  • Applicable customer segments.
  • The number of possible redemptions.
Voucherify's validation rules for iBOOD unique coupon codes campaigns

Automated generation of millions of voucher codes

Thanks to Voucherify, iBOOD can smoothly manage over 3000 campaigns at the same time, handling over 5 million unique vouchers. The majority of these vouchers is generated through APIs, simplifying the process. The business focus is mainly on providing discounts for entire shopping carts, with a specific rule requiring a minimum order value. Some campaigns sweeten the deal by offering free shipping, boosting the overall appeal. 

iBOOD effectively uses metadata in customer, redemption, and voucher objects, enhancing their tracking and management capabilities. Notably, on their website, the coupons are exclusive to logged-in customers, adding an extra layer of control and personalization.

Besides their ecommerce store, iBood also offers a mobile app. When their team realized that the engagement from mobile app users was much higher than other customers, they decided to run app-only promo campaigns, such as free shipping for all orders placed via the app. The goal of the campaign was to incentivize customers to download the app and to re-engage users who already have the app but didn't use it too often.

iBOOD: Mobile app for effective user engagement

Currently, iBOOD uses Voucherify as a one-stop shop for their coupon activities in every country. The cooperation with Voucherify helps iBood drive revenue, control the promotional budget, and save massive engineering time

"Has Voucherify helped us to improve our sales performance? Definitely! It’s a little bit dependent on the target group and the product selection, but most of the campaigns have a conversion rate of 5% or higher!"


4000000 running unique promo codes
5%+ higher conversion rates across brands and locations
3000+ concurrent campaigns managed with no IT involvement
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