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How Pomelo boosts conversions by 300% with Voucherify and Braze

How Pomelo boosts conversions by 300% with Voucherify and Braze


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

13000 customers attracted by promo codes alone


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

50% open rates for the referral program


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

300% increase in conversions
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How Pomelo boosts conversions by 300% with Voucherify and Braze
Bangkok, Thailand
501-1000 employees
Tech Stack
Segment, Braze, Branch
Talking to:
Anthony Lim, Engagement Marketing Manager
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Pomelo Fashion, an online fast fashion brand and marketplace operating across over 10 countries, focuses on providing new arrivals weekly for the fashion-forward twenty to thirty-something consumer. Their branded products are sourced with attention to trend, detail, and quality from the fashion capitals of Asia.

Given its tech-centric nature, it's no surprise that Pomelo selected top-notch tools to execute their personalized marketing strategy. To ensure their promotions are runway-ready, the company leveraged marketing automation tools, including Voucherify, Branch, Segment, and Braze to drive data-fueled campaigns.

Key challenges

  • Growing customer base in 10+ countries.
  • Launching multi-channel discounts and tiered referral programs.
  • Performance monitoring of coupons distributed through partner network.

Personalized promotion strategies without coding

Pomelo reached out to Voucherify to launch a multi-tiered referral program but soon moved to other incentive-based campaigns, making Voucherify a central promotion engine for their global growth.

With Voucherify APIs, Pomelo’s team was able to create a unified incentive experience for every customer touchpoint, including mobile and web apps. The developer-friendly building blocks and native Braze and Segment connectors made integration a breeze, so the marketing team has been equipped with a tool to run and monitor promotional campaigns on their own within a sprint.

With one-off coupons delivered with email, flash banners, and a network of partners, they were able to create a well-oiled omnichannel promotion experience.

"If I was to highlight one benefit of Voucherify, it would be the API versatility."

Being a true power user of Voucherify, Pomelo has built a real-time promotional data pipeline that enabled both personalization and fine-grained control of the promotion budget. This wouldn't be possible without Voucherify's advanced validation rules based on customer attributes delivered straight from CRM (Braze) through CDP (Segment) integration. 

Pomelo team predominantly used percentage discounts with minimum order amount and customer-based limits (e.g., birthday date). 

Pomelo Case Study – Example of a discount campaign

An award-winning referral program

Pomelo implemented a multi-tiered referral program with the help of Voucherify, Braze, Branch, and Segment. Pomelo selected Voucherify as their promotion engine due to scalable pricing and ready-made connectors, minimizing the integration effort. The entire setup was rewarded with Braze's Tech Partner Use Case of the Year Award.

Pomelo Case Study – Example of a referral flow
"Voucherify enables our team to launch promotion campaigns with every current or future channel with speed and confidence."

To address soaring customer acquisition costs, Pomelo decided on a double-sided referral program based on the following conditions:

  • Friend is not an existing Pomelo customer.
  • Friend uses advocate’s code to make their first purchase.
  • Friend gets 200 THB off their purchase.
  • Advocate gets 200 THB coupon sent to their account every time a new friend becomes a customer.
  • Friends referrals should work on both web and mobile channels. 

Advocates were rewarded with coupons, while referred friends enjoyed an amount discount upon applying the referral code, all subject to validation rules:

  • Each friend can be referred only once.
  • The referral is successful only if a friend makes an order with a minimum order total value.

Pomelo's referral program implementation involved using Braze Connected Content to retrieve unique referral codes from Voucherify and place them them in referral messages via Braze

Simultaneously, Voucherify updated customer profiles in Braze with the referral codes. The entire referral process, including successful referrals and earned reward coupon codes, was tracked through custom attributes and communicated to advocates via Braze.

There were at least three messages Pomelo sent to customers:

  • Program invitation – with a referral code and description of the program.
  • Successful referral – notification about every new friend that used the code.
  • Referral reward – sending a reward coupon when a referrer earns a given number of referrals.
Pomelo Case Study – Example of a referral notification

Pomelo experienced remarkable outcomes from their referral campaign – open rates soared, reaching an impressive 50% in countries such as Singapore. Even more noteworthy, the implementation of the best-of-breed tools in executing a multi-channel strategy resulted in an extraordinary 300% surge in conversion rates.

Within the first month, the promotional setup helped Pomelo generate 13 000 new customers with discount coupons alone. The geographical and performance scalability of Voucherify made it possible to run promotions with country-based policies and multiple currencies, making Pomelo ready to run future customer acquisition and retention tactics on the new markets. 


13000 customers attracted by promo codes alone
50% open rates for the referral program
300% increase in conversions
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