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How Grover runs subscription promotions at scale

How Grover runs subscription promotions at scale


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

1 week for complete integration.


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

750+ campaigns launched to date.


Successfully reduced time to market by integrating Voucherify in less than two months, for B2C an B2B eshop.

Advanced targeting made possible with metadata.
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How Grover runs subscription promotions at scale
Berlin, Germany
200-500 employees
Tech Stack
Custom e-commerce solution, Node.js SDK, Braze
Talking to:
Kannan Reghu, VP of Technology
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Grover is a one-stop shop for renting the latest tech in Germany. With over 500,000 subscribers, they offer a flexible subscription service for smartphones, laptops, cameras, and more. Grover's subscription model lets customers access the latest tech without the commitment of buying them.

Key challenges

  • Adapting the promotion software to recurring payments and subscriptions
  • Running promotions targeted at specific customer segments
  • Setting up redemption limits to prevent fraud and secure campaign spending

Integration ready in several days

Grover's platform offered built-in coupon management but with very limited functionality. It lacked the flexibility to create personalized offers with unique codes, couldn't integrate with the recurring payment model, and offered limited control over redemption limits. This is why Grover partnered with Voucherify.

"We were pleased to find that Voucherify encompassed all functionalities we needed, addressing the limitations we faced with our previous coupon management system. For the remaining requirements, we easily integrated additional features using the APIs.”

Grover needed a new promotion solution, fast. Integration with Voucherify APIs was completed within days. Even with Grover's custom requirements, the Voucherify team provided swift support, ensuring a smooth and successful integration.

“Fortunately, the Voucherify team responded quickly to our questions, providing thorough answers and even code samples. On top of that, Node.js SDK and a dozen examples in the spec made the integration smooth and a pleasant experience overall.”

Creative subscription deals

Grover uses Voucherify to create powerful subscription deals. They design generic and unique promo codes for targeted campaigns, offering discounts on the initial months of longer subscriptions (3 months or more). This incentivizes customers to commit and experience the Grover value for a longer term.

Grover Case Study: Subscription Deal Example

Currently, Grover is running targeted promotions aimed at students where first-time student renters enjoy a 15% monthly discount on any rental plan (ideal for the entire academic year) while existing renters benefit from a 10% monthly savings.

Grover Case Study: Example of a Student Promotion

The Grover’s team also implemented a double-sided referral program in collaboration with Voucherify. The program incentivizes both the advocates and the referred friends by offering them each a complimentary month of rentals as a reward.

Grover also runs influencer campaigns, where unique codes are generated for influencers to promote their brand online. Thanks to Voucherify’s support for multiple countries and currencies, Grover can easily manage different codes with different values for various countries. 

Grover Case Study – Example of Influencer Promotions

Effective targeting with segmentation

Since teaming up with Voucherify, Grover has run numerous promotional campaigns targeting particular customer segments. 

Grover's validation rules are tuned for assigned targeting. The campaigns are tailored to reach various segments of their audience, including:

  • New customers
  • Customers with either the lowest or highest subscription plans
  • Customers who have abandoned items in their cart
  • Customers in specific stores from particular countries

For instance, Grover ran a campaign with a standalone code "NEW100," while a special code "NEU100" targeted German users with low subscription plans.

"Voucherify allows us to quickstart plenty promo experiments. Some of them drive the engagement from existing customers, while others are targeted at acquiring new customers through influencer marketing. We always aim to learn what kinds of campaigns work best for our business, and Voucherify enables us to test various options effortlessly."
Grover Case Study: Example of a Targeted Promotion

Given many campaigns running simultaneously, Grover uses categories to better filter and understand how they are doing – with categories such as Partnership, Growth, Inserts, and more. 

Custom targeting made possible with metadata

Grover uses Voucherify’s metadata fields to store various data points, including store_code, store_type, items_total, amount_active_subscription, ended_subscription, and lowest_subscription_plan. In total, Grover maintains over 200 properties for customer metadata fields.

This functionality enables Grover to create validation rules based on fully custom attributes – for instance, targeting users with a specific subscription plan. Additionally, Grover applies redemption limits to restrict redemptions to once per customer, enhancing control over campaigns.

As of today, Grover sends 40 000+ API requests daily with 750+ campaigns launched to date.

A double-sided referral program

To boost customer acquisition, Grover has introduced a Voucherify-powered double-sided referral program.

Grover's referral program fosters a win-win situation for existing customers and their tech-hungry friends. Existing Grover users can share a unique referral link found within the platform. When a friend places a qualifying order using this link, both parties reap the rewards. The existing customer earns €30 Grover Bucks, while their friend gets to experience Grover's rental service with a complimentary first month.

Grover Case Study: Referral Program

Key limitations include:

  • Advocates can refer up to 10 friends.
  • A maximum of €20 in Grover Bucks can be applied per subscription.
  • The grower bucks cannot be spent on the first month of the subscription (only the following payments).
  • Grover Cash earned via referrals expires after 12 months.


1 week for complete integration.
750+ campaigns launched to date.
Advanced targeting made possible with metadata.
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