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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Voucherify empowers Grover's marketing team

How Voucherify empowers Grover's marketing team

How Voucherify empowers Grover's marketing team
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Kannan Reghu, VP of Technology

Grover is a company that enables people to subscribe to tech products monthly instead of buying them. The company launched several marketing campaigns with Voucherify.

"Voucherify allowed us to quick-start a number of promotional experiments. Some of them drive engagement of existing customers, while others are targeted at acquiring new customers through influencer marketing. As for now, we aim at learning what kinds of campaigns work best for our business."
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Key challenges

  • Providing customers with unique coupon codes.
  • Adapting the promotional platform to recurring payments.
  • Limiting redemptions to one per customer.

Grover’s e-commerce solution had a coupon management system that had a limited number of functionalities. The system was not able to run unique code campaigns and therefore the company couldn’t assign a unique personal code to a customer.

Additionally, it wasn’t possible to adapt the old coupon system to recurrent payments which were the core of their business model. Furthermore, the company wanted to set up promotional campaigns where they could limit fixed-code redemptions to one per customer without the developers’ support.

“We were pleased to see most of these features built in Voucherify. The remaining part was implemented on top of the API.“

The integration of Voucherify took a couple of days. As Grover wanted to have custom functions, they asked for the help of the Voucherify team.

Thanks to the quick response time, the integration was successful. Since Grover is using the Voucherify platform, they have run numerous promotional campaigns targeting existing and potential customers.

“Fortunately, Tom and his team responded quickly to our questions providing thorough answers and even code samples. On top of that, Node.js SDK and dozen examples in the spec made the integration smooth and was a pleasant experience overall.”

Grover team also launched a double-sided referral program which rewarded both parties with one free month of rentals.


Running promotions without IT development
Successful influencer marketing campaigns
Coupon codes with redemption limits
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