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Connect All Promotions With API-first Digital Wallets Software

Save everything from discounts and gift cards to loyalty points or other custom currencies in fully-branded digital wallets.
Illustration of a e-wallet with a list of available promotions and rewards.

Over 300 enterprises scale with Voucherify:

Boost purchases with fully customizable e-wallets.
Increase repeat purchase rate
Thanks to a clear overview of available rewards and benefits.
Save work and money with digital wallets for all currencies.
Let customer service unwind
Thanks to easily redeemable, self-service rewards.
Send omnichannel notifications about rewards in the customer wallet.
Always stay top of mind
By creating digital wallets and sending notifications about soon-expiring rewards.

Store any data type

Create an unlimited number of digital wallets, where customers can access all rewards and incentives at hand to maximize spending and engagement. Save unique business data with custom attributes. Show all benefits at one convenient & branded space to drive long-term loyalty.
Illustration of a customer digital wallet filled with customer data and available incentives.
Promotion mock with a pop-up message informing user about earning stars for making the order.

Get creative with custom currencies

Our digital wallet system allows your customers to store, manage, and redeem any currency and rewards. Whether it’s steps, miles, stars, stamps, diamonds or anything else, you can choose your own currency that matches your brand. Let customers earn and collect it in their individually assigned digital wallets.

Stay top of mind

Let customers easily navigate through promotions and quickly access their profiles, order history, available discounts, loyalty points, coupon codes, gift card balance, and more. Let them know about expiring or pending rewards or incentivize spending with omnichannel messaging about upcoming promotions or points missing from the next loyalty program tier.
Phone mock with a grid of earning rules available via a customer portal.
UI shot of the email editor with a message to customer about expiring gift cards.

Get upfront payments

Thanks to rechargeable gift card balance you can let your customers pre-pay for purchases in your store. They can add balance to their account and pay with it at the check-out. You can motivate your customers to use it by offering special discounts and extra benefits.

Connect with tools you love

Voucherify provides plenty of built-in integrations you can connect with in a couple of clicks.
Explore integrations
Illustration of all available wallet integrations, including BigCommerce, Braze, or Twilio.

Integrate in weeks, not months

Our API-first platform allows you to implement e-wallets anywhere in your sales funnel. Use data about the customers’ rewards and balance and place it literally anywhere, for a fully omnichannel experience. Save precious development time and use our world-class API to, among others:
  1. List rewards assignments.
  2. List earning rules.
  1. Get the vouchers of a certain member.
  2. Redeem reward – exchange currency for a reward.
  1. Get customer data.
  2. List segments the customer belongs to.
For Developers


For Enterprise

Enjoy customized onboarding,
strategy consulting, and technical guidance

Use enterprise-grade, dedicated infrastructure

99.99% uptime and round-the-clock support

Launch mission-critical projects with a secure, GDPR- and CCPA-ready platform

Protect your campaigns with user roles and approval workflows

Expand into new markets with multiple currencies and country-based policies

Implement customizable IP restrictions and SAML authentication

Get security reporting and data encryption out-of-the-box

Are you wasting time and money on digital promotions?

It’s time for a change.

Smart incentives throughout the customer journey

Save your time on development, instead focus on growing your customer base